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One of the Universities most popular Canada Open invitations for students from more than 20 countries to apply for Student Scholarship For 2022, an aid that will allow the beneficiary to study the university profession of his choice.

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The University of Toronto has an international program called Leicester B . Scholarshipswhich offers the opportunity to study at its institution for people from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Mexico, among other Latin American and European countries.

Imagine enriching learning within a unique community of students, together with amazing faculty who shape the future of their fields. As a Pearson Fellow, you will gain a global perspective on the issues that matter most to you”mentions the university on its website.

It should be made clear that the benefit is granted to people who take She graduated from high school in her last year of high school and has done well academically. Therefore, they must have some kind of recognition by the institution in which they are studying.

According to the Scholarships Without Borders web portal, on which the offer was published, approximately 37 students were selected for this international scholarship. from all competing countries, who will be covered for tuition fees and books and will receive full residency support for four years.

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students abroad.

How do you access the scholarship?

In order to apply, you must have the following RequirementsTo be in the final degree, i.e. did not graduate before June of this year, be available to start studying at the university in September 2022, and have not completed any other type of study at any university before the admission period.

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If you meet the requirements and wish to be awarded the Lester B. Pearson Scholarship, you must apply to the school Register as an educational institution through the official website of the university A link will then be sent to your school for students to apply.

The student must apply as an active student with all personal and academic documents through They will ask you for your identity document, your GPA or grades in core subjects, a high-level English language course (if applicable) and other papers depending on the profession you choose.


I contacted via email.

The university will contact you via email to guide you through the process. Once registered, they will inform you of the dates of each step to follow and explain how to apply according to the profession you want, as each step FThe college has a different admission method.

The deadline to register and apply for the scholarship is until November 30, after which date they will contact you through the contact information you have provided to continue the admission process.

Remember that they will ask for a copy of your passport so that if you are selected, you can travel to the country with all the documents in order.

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Other Academic Offers

Canada also offers other scholarships to foreigners who want to study jobs in Canada University or graduatewhich Colombians can apply to.

For undergraduate courses there is a scholarship Americas Scholarship From the Canadian Trebas Institute which closes its registrations on December 31, 2021.

Another well-known advantage is the International Scholarships for women who wish to study a postgraduate degree in the PEO International Peace Scholarship, where they can choose studies related to education for peace.

Any of the options can be consulted on the website of each institution or if you know more offers and benefits abroad, you can do so through the web portal “Scholarships Without Borders”.

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