Scholarships from Santander and Techo-Chile have trained 700 people in different professions | Economie

The people who benefit from the Santander de Oficio Scholarships, most of whom are female heads of household, are distributed in 11 regions of the country and can choose basic digital literacy courses; Small projects hair styling, cutting and coloring. baked goods and pastries, among others.

Since 2018, Santander and TECHO-Chile have implemented the program Santander Official Scholarships Which offers free training courses to the residents of villages and camps where the institution is located, convinced that education is the main tool for progress and thus allows for better living conditions.

During 2021 these scholarships benefit approximately 700 people, mostly female heads of household, distributed in 11 regions of the country, who were able to choose the basic digital literacy courses; small business, hairdressing, cutting and coloring; Bakery, pastry and customer service, among others. In total, 34 functional training sessions were held during April and December of last year.

Maria Eugenia BarahonaOne of the beneficiaries who took the Food Handling course stated, “It seems to me it is good that they offer scholarships to low-income people, like us housewives, to help us financially to grow, learn and innovate.”

Gonzalo Rodriguez, Head of Responsible Banking and Sustainability at Santanderemphasized that “since its launch in 2018, we have been able to positively impact the lives of more than 1,200 neighbors from the various places where TECHO-Chile is present, who thanks to these opportunities can learn new tools and more tools to perfect their small projects, as well as update their knowledge in a context where the digital is the key to compatibility in everyday life.”

This program allows to expand work options and promote personal growth for hundreds of people, through a diverse offer of high-quality accredited courses. He noted that the trainings, in addition to providing specific skills in trade, also provide the experience of sharing with others, assessing and enhancing skills and opening new possibilities to improve the quality of life of participants and their families. Gabriela Quezada, Director of Social Programs at Techo-Chile.

Beneficiaries come from the 43 communities with which TECHO-Chile works, primarily from campgrounds (over 70%) but also from villas, cities and some specific neighborhoods. The average age of the participants is 38, of which one in four has not completed high school.

Santander and Techo-Chile have had an alliance for nearly 25 years during which they have implemented many actions, also thanks to the commitment of the Bank’s clients and collaborators, to help improve the quality of life for those most in need, such as building emergency housing in the face of various natural disasters that have affected On our country, campaigns to support families during the winter, help those most affected by the effects of the health crisis, among other things.

Both entities implement programs to enhance education, such as the Santander Jobs Grants and the “Techo para Lectura”. The latter are educational centers that have the necessary infrastructure and materials to implement various educational initiatives focused on children and adolescents in the communities, so that they can continue to progress in learning and social and emotional development through recreational activities and reading corners.

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