Scholarships for Youth: Carlos Caicedo announces 4,500 scholarships and universities for Magdalena | Santa Marta

Governor Carlos Caicedo announced a new invitation to 4 thousand 500 scholarshipsAs the largest offer of higher education Completely devoid of what the government has provided in its historyfor the benefit of young Magdalene, through 100% tuition fee subsidizedjust as you mentioned that the department management has taken steps to build six change campusone of them at El Banco.

The new 4,500 scholarships:

Specifically, these historic announcements were made by the mayor of that municipality in the southern subregion, during the award ceremony of the 2,500 scholarships of the previous convocation.

So far, 3,500 have been delivered and with the new quotas, the government will close 2021 with 8,000 scholarship recipients.

Our program for 30 thousand scholarships for higher education As for the Magdalene sub-districts, it is materializing and gradually progressing towards success in overcoming poverty, and for this reason, it has officially announced the New invitation for 4 thousand and 500 new shares of “Picas del Cambio” And in the next three weeks, we will hang up, so this year we will be closing with 8,000 young people registered, in honor of our word that we made with those who believed in us,” said the governor.

Scholarships have been distributed by sub-region:

The official also explained that the 3,500 scholarships awarded so far have been subject to a The process of prioritizing and considering all requests from subregions that have experienced historical exclusionTherefore, more than 648 scholarships were awarded to the Center sub-region, more than 578 to the Southern sub-region, and more than 507 to the River sub-region, and selective criteria were applied due to the greater number of inscriptions in the Northern sub-region with 1,059 scholarships and Santa Marta with 738 scholarships study. Whereas in the specific case of El Banco, 166 scholarships have already been awarded.

Likewise, among these selectors are persons belonging to a minority population. TheBeneficiaries will attend 35 virtual occupations of a technical, technological and professional nature related to the fields of economics, Management, Accounting, Engineering, Architecture, Urban Planning, Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine, Health Sciences, Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

Similarly, in the past nine months, the government has supported 23,652 students; 13297 from Magdalena University and 1984 from Infotep worth 6930 million pesos.

First changes in universities in Bank, Plateau and Sinaga:

It should be noted that these initiatives are part of the higher education revolution that the government has been promoting since various stages, including Construction of six Kambia campuses In different municipalities, among them El Banco.

“The first stage was the establishment of the Free Higher Education Fund – Fonges. The second stage was the arrival of 30,000 new students from 30 municipalities with the support of Fonges; three is the free delivery of 30,000 computers and bicycles for transportation. educational agendas and daily college lunches; The fourth stage is the creation of new universities such as Simon Bolivar Polytechnic University of Santa Marta and the university resulting from the transformation of Infotep de Ciénaga and the first Magdalena Digital University; The fifth phase consisting of the construction and provision of six university campuses in Cambia will house new campuses in El Banco, Plato and Ciénaga and the delivery of designs for the management of subsequent construction in Pivijay, Fundación and Santa Marta”, the President noted..

The sixth stage is Establishment of cooperative university centers for entrepreneurship and professional consultancy In 10 municipalities in Campia University Centers and in Colegios del Cambio.

Finally, Governor Kaiseido issued a strong appeal to the deputies not to cut short the development of each of these projects which are part of the dreams of higher education for the Magdalen people.

“Let’s not forget that in a cynical and outrageous way, 8 deputies in the council drowned out the projects we requested to implement the development plan they themselves approved, Among these is the decree in which we request a fiduciary authorization for the construction of the university headquarters in El Banco, in the same way that they agreed to the Uribista Cotes clan of which they are a part, so that they could build sports venues in Santa Marta. But The power of change never stops“With direct royalties and our own memories, we will create three campuses, here will be the El Banco campus,” he concluded.

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