Scholarships for training in networking, marketing and data intelligence

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Santander universities have launched three new skills scholarship programs offered by the University of Torquato de Tella, consisting of three thematic themes: Social Network Management and Personal Branding, Strategic Marketing Management and Data Intelligence.

The Social Network and Personal Brand Management program is online and seeks to develop digital skills for implementation in the same business or personal branding, or for management roles in companies seeking management fit. To apply, there is plenty of time until next Tuesday, April 5th.

The Strategic Marketing Department proposes to delve into all aspects involved in marketing strategically, keeping in mind new trends, methodologies and techniques that meet current market needs. The program has been merged and application has plenty of time until Tuesday, April 19.

Finally, the Data Intelligence program, which will be taught in a blended fashion, will provide the tools needed to understand, arrange, manage and translate data to generate value and take advantage of environmental conditions to become data citizens. There is time to apply until Wednesday, April 13th.

The requirements to enroll in the programs are: be over 21 years of age, currently working for a company or organization related to the program field, have completed secondary education, comply with all documents required to attest to work experience, have an internet connection, and the ability to attend face-to-face campus meetings .

To register, you must login to the Santander platform and complete the program registration form.

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