Scholarships for students: which ones can I get, amounts and requirements

Although most institutions of higher education They have officially started their semesters, scholarship processes for students are still in place, and although application processes are closed, the results are not yet public.

That’s why We present the main benefits that help higher education students, the process step they are in and how they benefit.

University Solidarity Trust Fund

Aimed at students who make up 80% of the most vulnerable population, it offers coverage of up to 100% of annual fees for positions at universities affiliated with the Deans’ Congress.

Applicable to students studying their first occupation, it covers 100% of the annual fee for all those belonging to the most vulnerable 60% of the population, and among those aged 60 to 80%, it can cover from 50 to 100% of the total. Those who apply for the benefits have up to 12 years (extendable up to 15) to pay off their total debt.


The bonus applies to students who are in their first career and belong to the most vulnerable 60%. It can be used in higher education institutions associated with the higher free process, and it will cover 100% of the fees for the duration of the degree, without paying anything.

Academic Excellence Scholarship for New Students

It is intended for those entering higher education in 2022, and is valid for students who make up the top 10% of high school graduates. It has a ceiling of 1,500,000 pesos and can be applied to the jobs of approved organizations as of December 31, 2021.

Teacher Profession Scholarship

It is intended for those entering to study a profession related to pedagogy, pre-school education or differential education. It has 3 different financing methods, which depends on the result in the transition test:

From 580 points: The student must belong to 10% of the top graduates of his or her educational institution and registration and total fees for the year will be funded.

– from 600 pointsThe total annual fee and student registration will be funded.

from 700 pointsIt will finance the student’s annual fee, registration and monthly subscription of 80,000 pesos between March and December.

Bicentennial Scholarship

It is for the benefit of first-year students who are the most vulnerable 70% of the country. They must be able to demonstrate good academic performance and can fund their annual fees. In addition, they must be studying a degree at an accredited university by December 31, 2021.

Juan Gomez Milla Scholarship

Aimed at first-year students who have scored at least 500 points in the selection tests, conducted since 2012 are applicable, and who belong to the most vulnerable 70% of the population.

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