Scholarships for Peruvians: Canada offers the Americas Scholarship for undergraduate and graduate students

Scholarship in Canada

It is known that the potential and talents of Peru at the university and professional level are high, as in other countries. This is why countries like Canada support Peruvian immigration to work and study in that country. Scholarships are part of this bar of offers, so if you want to know how to get into one of them Undergraduate and Postgraduate ScholarshipRead this note.

In addition to this country, there are other countries that offer scholarships to Peru, but in this case we will focus only on Canada, according to Hilbert Marques, Director of SCCanada and representative of two Canadian universities, the goal is for Peruvians to immigrate to Canada and study in that country.

“The goal is for more Peruvians to immigrate to Canada because of the ease of study and employment. We are dealing with two audiences: young people who have finished high school, single professionals or with a family who want to pursue a postgraduate degree. On March 30, we will be holding a free webinar via Internet with Western Canada University”, The expert said.

He added that they hope to provide the necessary information and assess the profile of the parties involved, as not everyone will be able to qualify.. In addition, they will also provide details of the investment in studies, benefits and times.

“In fact, it is important for English to be able to qualify and the steps to follow in order for them to work in Canada later once they have completed their studies,” handle.

Marquez did not hesitate to stress that studying in Canada is convenient compared to other countries and it is also a country fairly close to Peru due to the opportunities it offers. “After studying and working, you can get a residence visa”, handle.

Scholarships in America

University of Western Canada Scholarship de las Américas, whose discount is greater than that of other schools.

“It has both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. For all programs, the university offers scholarships for Latin America only and only this institution offers it”, Referred to.

How to get the scholarship

to reach Americas Scholarship, it is only necessary to have a Peruvian passport. However, it must be considered The scholarship is not complete. But partial discounts are added to the total amounts.

For this, the specialist indicated that he would offer an online conversation to remove all kinds of doubts.

Canada Scholarship Requirements

If you have a Bachelor’s degree and would like to receive a scholarship for postgraduate studies:

University text

– Bachelor degree

– resume (resume)

– English (they can give TOEFL, ielts or Duolingo)

If you wish to apply for a university scholarship:

School mark sheet

– English (they can give TOEFL, Ielts or Duolingo)

Marquez added that university admission usually requires between 20 to 30 days, then apply to Student visa which takes an average of three months.

At the end of the studies you can reach a Postgraduate Work Permit (PGWP) for the same academic period. This is PGWP te allows you to work with the aim of applying the knowledge gained and gain Canadian experience.

Benefits in Canada

Marquez stated that Canada is now the best country to live in because it gives you many benefits.

“It allows you to study and work, you can travel with your family group, the school of both primary and secondary schools is free, it covers the health issue, unlike the United States, which is more complicated. After that, you can get a residence visa”is over.

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