Scholarships for Low Income Students in Alto Parana

It is a university scholarship program of the Alto Paraná Government, targeting 385 young people who have good academic performance, but whose economic conditions are unfavorable. They indicated from the Foundation that the application will be 100% electronic, but they will help young people who do not have access to the Internet to register.

Starting today, April 4, young Alto Parana University students will be able to apply to be recipients of university scholarships through the province’s government portal, which will allocate EGP 1,155 million from its budget.

Each beneficiary will receive 3 million c, to be delivered in two installments, and his expenses must be justified by a legal invoice, which must be submitted to the state institution. An economic contribution to partially or fully cover the costs of undergraduate courses, which must be at institutions accredited by the National Agency for the Evaluation and Accreditation of Higher Education (Aneaes) or licensed by the National Council for Higher Education (Cones).

Edgar Velázquez, Minister of Education, explained that among what could be covered by grants, tuition expenses, class fees, transportation, libraries and others stipulated in the decree regulating the budget law; David Baez, youth, and Diego Riveros, agriculture, are members of the scholarship committee who submitted the program.

The Budget Act states that the funds awarded from the scholarship can be used to pay not only tuition fees, but also other expenses envisaged by education. That is why we no longer maintain the agreement with universities, but rather with the beneficiary student,” explained Velazquez. “Once the person is registered, the system will issue a receipt and this form will be sent to the email written by the applicant and must be printed for submission. The electronic registration system will qualify the information provided by applicants, depending on the answers, mainly within the scope of academic merit and economic conditions. He added that the system therefore excludes us from secrecy and supports the transparency of the program.

The official stated that recordings will be received from today until April 17, 2022, which can be made from a cell phone or any other device connected to the Internet. The presenters explained that officials will be available to help people who do not have an internet connection to register in the portal, as well as people with disabilities.

Then, from the next day until April 20, the selection will take place, and the result will be published between April 21 and 22 on the Alto Paraná government website and social networks.

The selected student will be able to submit their physical documents between 25 and 27 April, which will be analyzed and refined in the following two days. From May 2, officials will receive documents by substitution and on May 5 the list of those awarded by the university scholarship program will be available. Disbursement will take place in May and August for those selected.

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