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Government Russia announce an invitation to Scholarshipsby Icetex, for all Colombians interested in studying in that country.

The programs are for bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degrees. This call also includes Intensive Russian courses For a year to adapt to the language.

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Before applying, check which study program interests you the most. There are educational program options ranging from arts and humanities to engineering and exact sciences. To consult you can enter this link; At the top you can change the language to Spanish.

Remember that the call runs from September 1 to November 1.

Application process

This process has two stages.

Initially, you must fill in all the data on the portal

There you should attach your documents and choose the fields of study that interest you the most among other information.

Remember, “Only people with a GPA of 3.9 above can participate. (on a scale of 5)”.

Once this step is completed, you must register on the Icetex platform. “If you want to get a scholarship to study in Russia for free, you have to pass a competitive selection in Colombia. The entity responsible for organizing the competitive call is Icetex, where you have to submit all the documents required by them on the given dates. The entity that conducts the competition and chooses who is to be Their choice in the first stage is Russian Embassy in Colombia“.

Then, between December 6 and January 15 this year, the authorities will select the shortlisted candidates. At this time you must process all required consular documents.

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Finally, the second stage corresponds to the selection by the Russian Interdepartmental Committee and the subsequent appointment of the university.

To know all the details of how to apply for this call for scholarships, click here.

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