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More than 60 young people from the municipalities of Morales, Santa Rosa del Sur, San Juan, Mombux, San Estanislao, Talaygua Nuevo, Zambrano, Cimeti, Carmen de Bolivar, Arjuna, Santa Catalina, Ache, Maria la Baja, Norossi, Cordoba, San will have the opportunity Juan Nepomuceno, Hatillo de Luba and Turbana to study technical and technological professions through scholarships.

With the agreement between the Minister of Education of Bolivar and the Diageo Education Fund, the goal is to provide support to talented students from diverse backgrounds, so that they can access training programs in the areas of: management engineering, corporate finance, and digital. Marketing, logistics, management, accounting, sales and marketing which can later be linked to the labor market.

Graduates from priority municipalities, who have taken the Saber 11 test (Icfes) with a score equal to or greater than 303 points and who wish to advance to a career at a technical, professional or technological level, can be placed in an institution. These scholarships are approved by the Ministry of Education.

On the other hand, when considering those who want to build their life project in the world of restaurants and bars, there is also a whole range of courses in the Learning for Life programme, designed to “educate, inspire, and inform bar service, the life skills that allow those interested to perform in careers Like a waiter or waiter.

To implement this agreement, SED Bolívar will work as a team with the Youth Bureau in order to present this offer to the largest number of young people in the department, who wish to participate in this training and education offer.

The first is admission to higher education at technical, technological and university levels. The second is the employability of these young people, who will be able to access training courses for table and bar skills, which in this case will allow the same company, Diageo, to act as a bridge so that once they have completed their training it will be linked to applying for the vacancies that they have in the sector and the third, not Less important, is to start all the way to comply with the public policy for the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse in our schools in Bolivar,” added Monterrosa.

In alliance with Bolívar’s Minister of Education, Diageo is putting forward the “Smashed” initiative to raise awareness of the dangers of drinking alcohol at an early age and empower young people to make responsible decisions. With this, they will offer 15 thousand places so that the youth of the department can participate in the online education program through the specially designed learning platform that has already contributed to the training of 28 thousand minors and young people and 300 teachers from 145 public institutions in Bogota, Medellin, Barranquilla and Cali.

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