Scholarships arrive from the British Council and Banco Santander to study English language

If you are interested in improving your English, Banco Santander and the British Council are launching a scholarship program to take English language courses online. 5,000 scholarships will be offered to students from Latin America (Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Uruguay, Brazil), Spain and others.

The courses offered with these scholarships last 12 weeks and include fully taught online lessons. The main goal is to “improve access and opportunities for participants in international labor markets,” according to the announcement.

Benefits of Banco Santander Scholarships – British Council

Among the benefits offered by this program are access to free online English courses offered by the British Council (which are free), as well as taking a choice test to get to the level that suits you.

Of course:

48 hour online training
– 12 group hours with a teacher from the British Council
– Opportunity to attend the course with students from different countries and cultural backgrounds
– Certificate of participation

For each level, there will be a variety of classes at different times, so it is possible to choose a different time each week if desired.

The certificate mentioned only indicates that the course has been completed at a certain level. That is, it has no official value or serves as a testament to your level of English. It has only syllabus value.

>> I want to attend an English language course. See options.

This tutorial contains five levels of courses, from beginner (A1) to advanced (C1).

What are the English language courses like?

The courses are very practical for all those interested in getting a job, as they focus on topics that include good communication in a variety of professional settings, meetings, talks or presentations; applying for a job and preparing for a job interview; development of grammar and vocabulary in a professional work environment; And relationship with other professionals from different fields.

Only persons over 18 years of age (of legal age) may apply; Of Latin American and Spanish nationality.
It is very important to consider that upon accessing this program it is necessary to take a placement test, in order to have a course that suits each student’s language knowledge.

In the same way, those selected must agree to accept the internal policies of the British Council in order to start the course.

Once the scholarship winner’s confirmation is received, an email will be received from the British Council with step-by-step information for taking the placement test.

Be aware, all candidates without exception will receive notification of the award decision effective April 5, 2022.

To allocate scholarships, the British Council will verify compliance with the requirements, and will rely on the ranking generated by the assessment tool available on the scholarship platform, to allocate places for the first classifier.

The course starts on April 27, 2022 and ends on July 19, 2022. Certificates must be downloaded before the last day of the course, as they will not be available after the program completion date.

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