Scholarships are open for primary teacher training


State teachers, as in almost any profession, need to update and consolidate their knowledge so that they can perfectly pass it on to their students. Likewise, mathematics is – without a doubt – one of the most important areas of learning due to its need in the basic and specialized activities of daily life.

That is why the United Way Colombia Foundation, the Puentes de Caña Fund and the UED have opened a new opportunity for training and knowledge expansion for primary school mathematics teachers in Colombia, in order to enhance the existing approach to education. during studying semesters .

This is the call for the Virtual Diploma in Mathematics Education for Primary School Teachers course, which aims to provide teachers with opportunities to improve their classroom practice through deepening content and instructions.

Cristina Gutierrez de Pinres, Director, United Way Colombiahighlighted the importance of this opportunity, considering that according to the Large Integrated Family Survey, there are 920,436 teachers in the country covering levels of pre-school education, basic and secondary education, higher education and non-formal education.

By enhancing the skills of teachers, we aim to positively impact the lives of our children and adolescents and facilitate their continuation in the education system. This diploma is especially available for any elementary teacher in the country to enroll in the University of Los Andes free course method and earn the certificate,” Gutierrez said.

With this new opportunity, teachers in the country are expected to be able to enhance their skills in dealing with this field of knowledge and Increase students' interest in the classroom to develop their knowledge of itfacing, not only state tests, but to enhance educational quality.

The Diploma course is aimed at Colombian primary school teachers who practice sports, and are associated with public or private educational institutions on any given day. The program was awarded scholarships thanks to the support of the United Way Colombia and the Puentes de Caña Fund, which allows the University of Los Andes to offer 100% scholarships to professors who complete a diploma.

Participants will be able to access the various benefits offered as UED students from the Universidad de los Andes, as well as obtain the Certificate of Professional Programs, equivalent to a Diploma, for participants who meet the minimum requirements.

Likewise, Coursera will deliver a certificate for each approved module. It is worth noting that this is a scholarship program of 100% of the tuition fee thanks to the contribution of its allies: the United Way Colombia and the Puentes de Caña Fund.

“Teachers who pre-register through the form must comply with the conditions of the target population, data subject to verification, as well as the persons selectedThey must agree to pay $150,000 in Colombian pesos, In the event that the training is not completed within the specified dates. Finally, the application must include a recommendation from the line manager in a digital format,” added the Director of the United Way Colombia Corporation.

The University will conduct the selection and admission process to the programme, in order to ensure, as far as possible, the readiness of each admitted professor to finish the three modules. Interested persons can apply free of charge, but with the obligation that they will complete the entire unit of study provided by this scholarship.

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