Scholarship program that will accelerate development

It is good news that the University of Kattolica Nordstana (UCNE) has just celebrated its 44th anniversary. The announcement by the new Rector of the reopening of the scholarship semester for students with outstanding academic indicators qualifies as excellent.

The professionals who were able to graduate from UCNE thanks to scholarships offered by Mons Jesus priests Maria de Jesus Moya and Father Freddy, are today important heroes in the dynamic development process taking place in San Francisco de Macorís.

Before as now in societies like ours, the prevailing criteria for awarding a scholarship favoring talent were dedication to study and the candidate’s socio-economic conditions.

This is why we appreciate the decision of Revdo Rector. Father Isaac Garcia reopens the scholarship chapter as being both timely and of vital importance, as it will benefit social sectors with outstanding talent, but financially disadvantaged and finding it impossible to afford a college degree.

The university director explained that this initiative to reopen the door for scholarships for students with the best indexes, includes signing agreements with unions and companies at various levels, large, medium and small, for the benefit of company owners, children, employees or collaborators. , with discounts ranging from 10, 15 to 25 percent. That’s why there are no limits to the number of people companies can refer.

The JIA applauds and celebrates this measure as it broadens the range of potential beneficiaries, because when it comes to providing educational opportunities, it should benefit as many people as possible.

As its slogan says, UCNE is 44 years old and making dreams come true. Thousands of young people have graduated from their classrooms with degrees in engineering, medicine, computer science, lawyers, architects, accountants, dentists, teachers and other fields.

These dreams come true, reflected in the strong push for progress in various aspects that have been verified in San Francisco de Macorís, in other municipalities of Duarte County and other counties in the Northeast.

In the expansion of medicine and in the dynamics of the construction industry, for example, graduates of Universidad Católica Nordestana are participating prominently and in increasing numbers, many of whom have been awarded scholarships.

The Reverend Isaac Garcia Department Scholarship Program will have an impact on a growing number of people invited to join in accelerating the development dynamics driving this graduate school.

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