Scholarship Applications Submission Started – El Sol de San Juan del Río

In order to continue to contribute to the family economy of students of the basic and higher level in the municipality of San Juan del Río, the submission of applications for scholarships at the headquarters of the Center for Culture and Congress (Cecuco) and the Maquío Sports Unit has begun to pay attention to the various axes of this demarcation.

In his speech, the mayor, Roberto Carlos Cabrera of Valencia, noted that this type of incentive, in the most powerful time of the Covid-19 pandemic, is in great support now that classrooms are back in the classroom face-to-face, in addition, during his government’s tenure of It is expected that the total beneficiaries will reach 20 thousand beneficiaries.

He urged children and youth to continue making efforts with regard to their use, to foster a better social fabric of San Juan del Río that could permeate behaviors of joint participation with the government and with teachers.

He said that over the next two days, these applications will be delivered to the signatories for the concentration of San Juan del Rio colonies and communities, and the results of those deserving of this benefit will be announced. Later.

According to the municipality’s Social Development Secretariat, from 9 pm on Sunday some people started lining up, but he said that all documents will be received on time and at pre-set times by calling on the official social networks.

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