Scam in the name of the university: With supposed scholarships for money, they deceive Santandereans | Bucaramanga | Present

large sums of money He demands over a million pesos from criminals for alleged scholarships To study at Santander Technological Units (UTS).

These people according to Omar Lingerki, Dean of the educational institution, they have They managed to defraud many residents of Santander.

I read here:

“Is also Charging a fee for the registration or registration process. This has been happening and we have already informed the authorities. People cannot fall for this deception and should remember that this is a process that can be done without the participation of third parties.” UTS manager.

The Foundation was informed that to enroll in any of its faculties it is not necessary for third parties and those who are If you are interested in doing so, they can do so legally by referring to the official page of Santander Tech Units.

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