Santa’s Day: Players receive college scholarships

The Women’s Libertadores Cup in its 2021 edition continue to walk, and with independent santa fe As a champion, many positive news emerged for this campus, including one of an academic nature.

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This is Tuesday Sergio Arboleda University has brought good news to the players From Independiente Santa Fe, who reached the 2021 Libertadores Women’s Cup final.

It was learned that the athletes after communicating with club managers, He will receive an academic scholarship in various training programs What the university offers

In a call from RCN Radio with Ernesto Lucina, Dean of the Prime Business School Program at Sergio Arboleda University, it was emphasized that these scholarships may be effective from January 2023 after conducting a case study.

“When they reach this important new moment, no matter what the final match, what we wanted was to give the players an extra reason to be happy and confident. We declare that they will You have scholarships in any program of your choice and the details are clear The manager explained that we will finish establishing ourselves with the club managers.

Lucina, the former Minister of Sports, emphasized that the idea is to increase scholarships in different sports disciplines and thus contribute to the comprehensive training of athletes from among the athletes. Colombians who also have a different choice for their future.

“We started working on the women’s volleyball process, we started the basketball process, for both men and women. I have a lot in my head about the course of Sports in North America and I am clear that in order to strengthen our athletes, universities They have to do a lot on their part and that’s what we started; “There are surprises coming soon in college cycling and other mods,” Lucina said.

The Dean of the Prime Business School Program at the University of Sergio Arboleda also confirmed that the educational center has already given some scholarships to players from the same club after 2017 Women’s League title and that the idea is to continue to encourage athletes.

“This has a very important precedent. Before my arrival at the Ministry of Sports, we had already given some sports scholarships to Independiente De Santa Fe Feminino when he won the first league title in 2017‘ explained the brigadier general.

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Next Sunday, Independiente Santa Fe will play the final of the Libertadores in Montevideo, Uruguay, which could mean the second title of this tournament. for our country after what Atlético Huila did in 2018.

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