Santander Scholarships. How to access scholarships, student exchange, research grants, and more

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If you are looking for an opportunity to study in another country, you are interested in undertaking and innovating, learning another language, among many others, Banco Santander offers you more than 100 scholarships that you can apply for.

Santander Scholarships is an initiative Santander Bank those since Over 25 Years Offering Scholarships for College Students and Professionals of any age. And thanks to the scope he had, this program might have become One of the largest scholarship donors in the world.

Every year more than Scholarship Programs 400 Santander more than 124,000 scholarships awarded In areas such as technology, languages, student mobility, etc.

There are two types of scholarships that can be applied for: face-to-face and online. Both have specific requirements as per what is being offered.

If you are interested in any of the following topics, consider applying for over 100 active scholarships:

Scholarships can be in any of the following seven categories:

  1. Scholarships in the field of technological innovation.
  2. Scholarships to strengthen entrepreneurial skills.
  3. The Santander Woman or Women’s Leadership Scholarship.
  4. Scholarships to strengthen and strengthen languages.
  5. Scholarships for maintenance and/or student mobility.
  6. Scholarships for first jobs.
  7. Grant support for research projects.

Requirements to access Santander Scholarships:

The requirements to be a beneficiary of scholarships awarded by Banco Santander are specific to each call, however, most require the following:

  • Be a citizen or resident of Argentina, Germany, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Peru, Colombia, Portugal, Poland, the United Kingdom, the United States, or Uruguay, among others.
  • You must be over 18 years old at the time of request.
  • You do not have to be a current or future customer of Banco Santander, scholarships are vaguely applicable to those who request them.
  • Be registered and apply for the scholarship through the online portal
  • Review the specifications of the call you choose.

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Grupo Santander offers more than 400 scholarships annually to university students from different countries. l Photo: Banco Santander

Santander Scholarship Programs

Some of the scholarships offered by Banco Santander will allow you to:

  • Go on an exchange to study languages ​​or take courses in other countries.
  • Support your research projects.
  • Request financial support for your studies (national or international).
  • Lead programs recognized for the inclusion, diversity and representation of “minorities”.
  • Present your projects and projects to recognized entities.
  • Enter exclusive courses or seminars.
  • Obtaining financial and research support for conferences.
  • Get postgraduate studies at prestigious universities in other countries, among others.

Check here for calls that are currently open or soon to be opened: Santander Scholarships Call

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