Santander Scholarships for Training in Digital Business and New Technologies

Participants will be able to take an online course at the University of Chicago or at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for Professional Education. Registration periods are open until December 15 and January 10, respectively.

Do you want to improve your skills in new technologies and digital business? Banco Santander offers scholarships to take online courses in collaboration with the University of Chicago and MIT Professional Education targeting people living in Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, United States, Spain, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, and Uruguay.

Below we compile scholarship programs with open application deadlines:

· Santander Technical Scholarships | Digital Business – University of Chicago

This scholarship program offers 1600 seats For residents of Spain and other countries who have a good knowledge of English and want to delve into the use of new technologies and management models to increase their employability.

Selected persons will be able to attend a seven-week online course in collaboration with the University of Chicago in one of the following areas: Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for CEOs, Creating and Managing Agile Teams, FinTech and Digital Marketing. The courses are available in Spanish, English and Portuguese and are based on e-learning methodology. Each tournament has 400 seats and will start on February 22, 2022.

In order to get a place, it is necessary to register at before December 15 and conducting the Global Graduate Assessment Test, which consists of answering a series of questions aimed at evaluating the candidates’ skills, abilities and knowledge.

· Santander Technical Scholarships | MIT Emerging Technologies Program for Professional Education

In this call, both institutions present 400 scholarships To deepen the knowledge and use of innovative emerging technological tools that are most in demand in companies.

Selected people will be able to choose from the following courses: Digital Transformation, Machine Learning, Designing Effective Solutions with MITdesignX, Product Family Management and Technology Development Management. These courses range in length from 8 to 9 weeks, are available in Spanish, English or Portuguese, and often do not require specific prior knowledge or a professional career associated with technology or digital jobs. Upon completion, you will receive an accreditation certificate stamped by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for Professional Education.

The scholarship application period is open Until January 10, 2022The process is carried out through In this first phase, MIT Professional Education will assess the results obtained in the Global Graduate Skills and Knowledge Assessment test, and the best will proceed to the second phase, where the resume and letter of motivation will be taken into account.

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