Santander Scholarships 2022. These are the requirements for receiving 9 thousand pesos support

The Santander Scholarships 2022 It offers support of 9,000 pesos to upper level students. We tell you the requirements to apply and receive this support.

Those wishing to apply for the Santander Scholarship 2022 must register online no later than May 1.

At the time of registration, applicants must meet the following requirements and documents:

  1. Updated academic history: issued by the school services of the original institution (kardex), certifying that 30% of the credits have been completed and with an average of at least 8.0. They will be considered valid digital formats, downloaded directly from your institution’s official website.
  2. A valid student ID card: issued by the institution in which you are studying. If you do not have a student card, the document issued by the original institution will be considered valid.
  3. Course Completion: “Introduction to Digital Skills”: Once registration on the platform is complete, the applicant will receive their access code to the enabled website and thus be approved for this course and be able to progress into the selection round. This eight-hour course is basic training on topics such as: Cloud, Cyber ​​Security, Internet of Things, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and 3D Printing. Once an applicant is registered, they will have seven calendar days to complete this course and issue their certificate until the system detects their completion.
  4. Statement of Reasons: At the time of registration, the applicant will have a box to record a statement of reasons with a maximum of 280 words.

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Maintenance support

The payment of Santander Scholarship 2022 will be delivered directly to the original university and the institution will be responsible for depositing the amount in one payment to each beneficiary student.

For more information about this scholarship, click on this link.

by call Support maintenance of the Santander Scholarships for Studies 2022, 200 scholarships will be awarded to students, graduate and postgraduate students.

It is an initiative focused on supporting Mexican students to successfully continue their studies in higher education.

The program contains a maintenance subsidy of 9,000 pesos for young people studying in higher technical educationAnd Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD degree At a public or private higher education institution, who have 30% of the credits in their current studies and are regular students with an average of at least 8.0.

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open calls

There are currently eight open calls, awarding more than 11,000 Santander scholarships.

These scholarships award different types of support; In some cases, it consists of access to courses, payment for training, or delivery of funds.

Registration is done online on their website; To do this you must have a personal email.

Each call has its own requirements and deadlines; There are scholarships to study in person or online. The categories into which the abutments are divided are:

  • Technique
  • skills
  • Languages
  • a woman
  • studies
  • practices
  • research
  • Sustainability

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