Santander Mexico will offer 11,000 scholarships to students of Queretaro

through two programmes, Santander Mexico we will toast 11 thousand scholarships Exclusively for university students and alumni 103 Public and private universities in Queretaro.

Santander Scholarships “Entrepreneurship” and Santander Scholarships for “Slang English” They are the names of the programs that will allocate support to students of Queretaro. will be given first 10 thousand scholarships Focuses on training soft skills and entrepreneurship, in order to promote the creation of business initiatives that generate employment opportunities.

The second, “English slang”will allocate a thousand scholarships To train English at a professional level, which meets the need of the community, given the relationship with the global companies it has.

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In this sense, Arturo Cherbosky Lask, Executive Director of the Universities of Santander and Director General of the University of Mexicoconfirmed that there is close coordination with the state to start both programs that will benefit thousands of Queretaro.

“We have Worked hand in hand with the state governmentas well as with public and private universities, to create this ambitious scholarship program focused on the specific needs of society, the largest that we have offered in an entity, and this confirms our commitment with Querétaro, where we have strategic operations at the national and international levels, being the largest generator of jobs,” he said. Spokesperson for the financial institution.

It should be noted that the call for these scholarships is now open at and those interested can register until July 26 from this year.

8 years of history in the entity

Banco Santander México arrived in Queretaro in 2003 When she installed her technology and operations center, which is where she hired two thousand and 500 collaborators. Similarly, in 2008 Building a call center, a symbolic building located in the state capital, by which Four thousand 700 New Jobs. Years later, specifically in 2013created a second data center.

Finally, in 2020 The financial institution announced a new investment in Queretaro Province For corporate offices that the bank estimates to provide 10 thousand Total employment in the entity, placing it as the largest private employer in the Baguio region, having accumulated investment of over two thousand and 600 Millions of pesos.

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