Santander launches the CAP 2022 campaign and promotes the digitization and sustainability of agricultural holdings

Customers who pay PAC for an amount equal to or more than €2,500 will receive a subscription to the Digital Field Notebook.

In 2021, Santander financed the Spanish agri-food sector with 3,700 million euros, an increase of 3% over the previous year.

Madrid, February 1, 2022.
Santander launched the 2022 PAC campaign, which includes the possibility of contracting the progress of the PAC through digital channels. In this way, farmers and ranchers who have already given this advance will be able to contract in just three steps, from the bank’s website or through the mobile app.

CAP processing is completely free and customers who pay CAP in an amount equal to or more than 2500 € will receive a subscription to the Digital Field Notebook, a key tool for recording all information on their farms, use of phytosanitary products, type of seed, head of livestock or agricultural machinery, in order to grow more Sustainability and digital, and this will be essential in the new CAP 2023-2027.

More than 63,000 clients have given Advance Advance Advances, for a total amount of over €1,100 million. From the beginning of the operation, the bank has a team of specialized agrotechnical engineers, so that farmers and ranchers who carry out PAC with Santander get the best advice.

In the same way, the Bank makes the agricultural insurance contract available to its customers, to protect their crops and livestock, in the face of any climatic adversity, and the ability to finance the insurance premium on preferential terms for 12 months.

In order to support green finance and enhance sustainability, the Bank provides its clients with a loan to convert farms to wood crops (almonds, pistachios, avocados, citrus, olive orchards…) for a period of up to 4 years. The shortfall, as well as an agricultural research and development loan.

In the coming weeks until mid-March, Santander will hold mixed conferences in each autonomous community to be able to share current events in the sector, which will refer to PAC 2022, titled “News of the year prior to reform. PAC´ comes into effect”. Another example of the Bank’s commitment to the sector Spanish agrifood.

In 2021, Santander financed the agri-food sector with more than 3.7 billion euros, an increase of 3% over the previous year. The bank has been supporting the agricultural sector for decades, and during the recent crisis, in which its importance as a mainstay of Spanish society became clear, the bank focused on farmers, ranchers, producers, cooperatives and supply companies.

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