Santa Maria del Páramo hands out 23 checks to babies for 300 euros

Handing out children’s checks.

The Council renews its commitment to the settlement of population and social policies with measures such as these, for which they have contributed 7,000 euros.


This Monday, the city council of Santa Maria del Páramo summoned parents and children to hand over the baby in a symbolic act of maternity aid granted by the city council and delivered to the neighbors who were their parents last year 2021.

23 children are among the lucky ones who received this small aid of 300 euros which means a total of 6900 euros. Mayor Alicia Gallego said: “This is a cost while it is not a huge amount, but it is a help, as a result of this initiative started by the UWP government team in previous years.”

From the city council they consider helping families a “priority” and the screening of children is an incentive for the settlement of residents for young families living in the municipality, something to which the municipal nursery also contributes at a cost of more than 100,000 euros.

“We are proud that there are important City Council subsidies for families to reconcile work and family life, to which there is also the maintenance and continuous improvement of the regional public school, often expensed at the more exemplary expenditures of the Council being investments, as well as school aid at all educational levels from grants infant, primary, secondary and tertiary as there are many young people who continue their studies, both undergraduate and professional, once they finish their studies at the regional institute located in our municipality,” Gallego said.

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