Rosario and Mederi are offering 25 scholarships to study Health and Communication

The pandemic has shown that health information is vital to society. With the spread of the Corona virus, the correctness and accuracy of the news in this sector have been crucial in saving millions of lives in a timely manner. And now that the whole world is going through a new phase of this atypical situation, awareness of the need for good health communication is holistic awareness.

The University of Del Rosario and the Hospital Managers Network want to contribute to this end. Therefore, they launched an educational program in the form of a diploma for journalists in the country. In it, the most famous professionals in the field of health and communications will share their experience. For example, doctors Santiago Rojas, Ana Isabel Gómez and Ana Isaza, Deputy Minister Maria Andrea Godoy, journalist and doctor Fernanda Hernandez and presenter Linda Palma will attend.

“As a hospital network, we have a mission to transform society by achieving well-being and happiness, through innovation and knowledge generation in the health sector,” Mederi confirms when this program is launched. According to the organizations, what is needed is to provide journalists with more and better tools to create content that contributes to a more assertive publication in the field of health.

The Diploma is 90 curricular hours e-learning, distributed in synchronous (face-to-face or virtual live) and asynchronous (material available on the platform) meetings Moodle for continuous review). The program costs $2,800,000 per participant, but 25 students will enter with full scholarships.

Méderi is committed to professional development and recognizes the importance of more assertive health communication; That is why we will award 25 scholarships to participants who meet the requirements and apply for one of them. With the diploma, the foundation invests nearly 100 million pesos for the benefit of the community,” says the hospital.

Register until Sunday, October 24 at this link.

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