Risaralda is in the top 5 innovations nationwide

Risaralda has been ranked as the fifth most innovative department in the country according to Colombia’s Index of Administrative Innovation (IDIC), an initiative of the Department of National Planning (DNP), with technical support from the Colombian Observatory of Science and Technology (OCyT). Stressing that the department has maintained this position since the previous year.

This was confirmed by the Minister of Economic Development and Competitiveness, Ana Maria Valencia Gomez, who indicated that during 2021, the department received a score of 47.68, with a medium to high performance, where the department has been based since its establishment. The first measurement in 2016, marked “rigidity and expressiveness in regional innovation systems and high expression of departmental CTeI system instances”.

This tool, created in 2016 by the Department of National Planning (DNP), makes it possible to measure the capabilities and conditions of the various Colombian regions to respond to innovation challenges. As a result of this exercise, the average national IDIC score in 2021 was 31.09, placing Risaralda well above the national average. However, it should be noted that in 2021, many departments lowered their scores compared to 2020.

Valle del Cauca (51.04), Santander (49.61), Risaralda (47.68), Atlántico (46.84), Caldas (44.70), Quindío (41.85) and Bolívar (39.71) were the seven provinces that were in the mid-high; On the overall level, the group had an average score of 45.91.

“Led by our Governor Victor Manuel Tamayo Vargas, we have developed a plan of action in which we understand that innovation plays an essential role, as it is the key to finding new and better solutions; in addition to obtaining greater economic, social and technological benefits, among others.”

Innovative Risaralda

Among the projects developed by the Risaralda government that have allowed the department to be among the top 5 innovations are:

This section is the first of its kind in Trust and Security digital services, as Risaraldenses feel great confidence in their organizations when using these services. Risaralda also has a maximum score of 100 in the Corporate Credit Index for Innovation, which has been demonstrated by credit line with Banco Agrario and Bancoldex Risaralda Responde Line.

With bicentennial scholarships, the department has been able to increase the pillar of human capital and research, allowing this to be the best pillar of measurement, and fostering innovation at Risaralda from the ground up.

Finally, despite the opportunity for improvement in total spending on research and development as a percentage of GDP, the department, through Mas País, was able to boost 20 companies, recognizing that investment in science and research and development can contribute significantly to the development and recovery economy in the region.

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