Report on scholarships to study Masters in Banking and Financial Markets in Spain

The Spanish Consulate in Havana has informed the opening of an offer this week for a Master’s degree in Banking and Financial Markets in Spain. According to the diplomatic entity, the admission period ends on September 20.

They explain on the official website of the University of Cantabria that this program is a procedure for promoting postgraduate studies accredited as a master’s degree by the said academic institution. The scholarships are sponsored by the University of Cantabria Foundation for Study and Research in the Financial Sector (UCEIF Foundation), in collaboration with the Association of Ibero-American Postgraduate University (AUIP).

The scholarships are designed for young graduates of Ibero-American universities associated with AUIP without professional experience, who wish to pursue a specialized master’s degree in the field of Banking and Financial Markets. The application period ends on September 20 of this year.

They say that a total of 8 (eight) scholarships are offered to conduct their own studies for a master’s degree in Banking and Financial Markets, distributed in three calls: Two Master’s degree scholarships taught at the University of Cantabria (Spain) targeting Latin American applicants from universities affiliated with AUIP.

Plus four Masters Scholarships taught at the University of Cantabria (Spain) aimed at Spanish applicants, preferably from universities associated with AUIP.

Scholarships based on Help for registration or education for a masterand in some cases (see call rules), in Specific supplementary travel and accommodation support for scholarship holders to the university where it is taught,” they add. For more information access this link.

“What should be done to choose it? Can telecom engineers ask for it?”, “Are there no scholarships for high school students?” or “Hello, if I get the scholarship, can my husband travel with me?” Some questions were to the mail from the Spanish headquarters in Havana. We point out that these doubts can only be cleared directly with the university offering the scholarship. To do this, access the link that we left in this article earlier.

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