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Persons who are registered in the Individual Registry of Victims (RUV) of violence that occurred in the country between 1980 and 2000 or in the Special Registry of Reparations Recipients in Education of the Council for Reparations (Rebred), and who have completed, at least, primary education and residency in Lima can apply Callao has until May 20 for the Recycled Productivity Technical Grant Contest, Call 2022, from the Department of Education’s National Scholarship and Education Credit (Pronabec) Program.

120 full scholarships will be awarded to study training modules or courses. These courses will last for up to six months with a maximum of 600 teaching hours and will be held in the same area as the competition winners.

The program aims to provide beneficiaries with the opportunity to acquire or master their trade and thus improve their quality of life and that of their families.

To apply, the interested party must also meet other requirements, such as having Peruvian citizenship, legal age, and being accepted by a higher education institution (HEI) to study a module or course eligible for the competition.

The Training modules or training courses Presented in Lima and Callao are:

Kitchen assistant, pastry and bakery

Accounting/Marketing and Sales Assistant

– Treasurer, promoter of financial and commercial services / manager of appropriations and collections

Warehouse assistant

Heavy machinery mechanic assistant

– Topography

Mining geomechanics

– stability and value

Electrical maintenance

Factor in metal concentration

– Welding 6G

– Dean in an emergency

– bartender

Assistant food processing technician

– Create and manage social networks

– digital tools

The Repared Scholarship 2022 will cover the winners’ tuition fees, materials for the module or course, as well as the cost of the certificate issued by institutions of higher education upon successful completion of studies.

Likewise, it will finance food, housing (where applicable), local transportation and office supplies.

The competition application is available online and free of charge until May 20, 2022 through the application module located on its website. For more information, those interested can contact Pronabec through the toll-free line 0800-00018 or telephone exchange (01) 6128230.

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