Registration starts today to apply for this year’s ITAIPU Undergraduate Scholarships

Today, Monday, January 17, the application period for university scholarships offered by ITAIPU, corresponding to the call for 2022, which in this version offers 3,000 places for outstanding and low-income youth from all over the country, begins. The application can be submitted through the online form enabled at Until February 11th.

As a first step, each applicant must read and accept the content and scope of the Guide to the Rules and Conditions (GBC), available at the same link.

Daniel Ramirez Brizuela, Corporate Social Responsibility Adviser, emphasized that filling in the data should be done with due diligence so that the information and documents recorded do not contain errors.

“We ask that you pay special attention to basic data such as full names, surnames, ID card number, email and cell phone number,” he stressed.

In turn, Lourdes Gauto, Scholarship Unit Coordinator, indicated that omission or false declaration, in bad faith, in the application, evaluation or selection process, would be grounds for disqualification of the applicant, at any stage.

In this call, high school graduates, from public and private supported and private institutions, from across the country, corresponding to promotions for 2019, 2020 and 2021, can compete.

Indigenous and disabled applicants will have a differential process, although they must inevitably apply to all stages of the selection mechanism.

Priority and Complementary Scholarships

“Priority Scholarships” are for students with an overall GPA of 4.00 or above and whose family income does not exceed 7 minimum wage. “Supplementary Scholarships” are for students with an average of equal to or greater than 4.50 and a family income of no more than 13 minimum wages. These scholarships will only be awarded if 3000 scholarships are not fully awarded in the “Priority Scholarships” category.

The selection process includes the exam day scheduled for next Saturday, March 12, which is the date on which the basic skills tests (Spanish language and math exam) will be applied. Next, a socio-economic assessment will be carried out for the runners who are still in the race, a task that will be carried out by specialists at the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

Once all stages are completed, with the final score obtained by each applicant, the list of students awarded scholarships will be available.

The objective of the ITAIPU Scholarship Program for 2022 Call is to support university education for talented young Paraguayans, in order to expand their opportunities to improve the quality of personal life and their environment, from professional practice which in turn contributes to the sustainable development of the country.

Inquiries can be directed to: WhatsApp for messages: 0974 601300; Email: The Scholarship Unit offices in Asuncion are located at: José Berges Nro. 1449 c / Gral. Mariano Melgarejo. The authorized telephone numbers are: +595 (21) 248 1710 / +595 (21) 248 1128 / +595 (21) 248 1143/ +595 (21) 248 1131 / +595 (21) 248 1127. In Ciudad del Este The address is: International Route, Km 3.5. ITAIPU Bilateral Administrative Center, Block “C”. The contact numbers are: +595 (61) 599 8518 / +595 (61) 599 8314 / +595 (61) 599 8445 / +595 (61) 5998446.

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