Registration requirement for Progresar Scholarships has changed

Every month, the Minister of Education makes payments for different lines of Scholarships Apply through the National Social Security Administration (ANSYS). Registrants have the ability to raise up to $10,700, and Requirements The key to getting benefits has been modified after the increase in Salary minimum.

It is a program that consists of five categories and aims to accompany students during the academic year – whether in schools, high schools or universities – with the corresponding amount of money so that they do not give up their studies.

For this purpose, the Education Portfolio will keep registration open until April 30 and will start charging fees from May. The different lines that are offered to those interested in collecting the allowance are:

  • Progresar program is mandatory: for students at the primary or secondary level
  • Progression over 16 and 17 years: envisaged in mandatory progress
  • Progresar Superior: For people studying at university or university level
  • Progresar Nursing: For nursing students at the higher education or university level
  • Work progress: For people running vocational training courses

As a result of updates made to the Minimum, Vital and Salary Mobile (SMVM), Progresar has seen an increase in the amount that will continue to change until the end of 2022.

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