Registration for the Egresar Scholarship has been extended until April 20

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in conversation with FM 89.3 Santa Maria of MissionsUndersecretary of the Ministry of Education in Misiones, Sky Linarescommented that the decision was made to extend the date because the period between start and closure was too short, “There has been 15 days of registration and everything is through the web, other than the fact that there is already training, and there is a certain familiarity with the platform environments, these spaces still have some complexity at the time of application, which is why we took so long on the extension.”

The Egresar Scholarship will allocate $6,400 per month to these students. This benefit is processed every three months and will be renewable for up to two quarters, depending on the outstanding. to sign up , The income of the young person or their family group must not exceed three minimum vital and mobile stipends, and they must be between 18 and 24 years old at the time of the scholarship application.

Furthermore, Linaris noted that “The important thing is that the program consists of two components, one of which is pedagogical in relation to the host school, the proposal for training, the academic paths of these young people to high school graduation and a social component in which they are assisted. Scholarship Although it is an amount that may not be enough for some, it helps to get through this academic journey that we very much wish they could complete.”

“Always the best option is to apply, register and fill out the form. Then there is the evaluation that takes place through the system “which is when the applicants are verified that they fulfill all the requirements.” For example Last Friday, we had 970 young people registered, of whom 930, after passing a first candidate, were eligible for the scholarship.Linaris commented.

The team of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education will accompany the registration processes in various sites and answer questions on social networks. It must be remembered that when the call just started, there were many inquiries in the county for registrations to complete the compulsory education course.

Once entered, they must take two-semester courses at the host schools that work with the program. They will have face-to-face classes, with instances of independent work, and upon success the transcript and high school diploma from the original high school will be issued.

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