Registration for Sports Scholarships 2022 closes on May 6 – El Sol de Durango

The Municipal Sports Institute (Inmude) continues to receive municipal scholarship documents, of which on this occasion a total of 502 will be awarded.

Inmude employees continue to receive documentation, either for new hires or for renewal, so that their profile is consolidated, evaluated, and eventually awarded financial support.

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It was in 2020 that it was possible to increase Scholarships For athletes from 402 to 502 per year thanks to the efforts of consultants, because sports are important for human development.

For athletes who have registered for the first time and for those who have endorsed sports scholarship support for 2022, it is necessary to have all requirements, such as proof that they are Mexican athletes and students, submit their sports resume, and a letter of reasons explaining why. This support is required, among other things.

Thus, student-athletes are invited to consult the rules in the call launched on social networks, for young people who combine academics with their sports passion.

Deadline until May 6, 2022 To deliver your requirements from 09:00 AM to 2:00 PM from Monday to Friday.

They must also register on the platform.

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