Registration, delivery amount and dates

Students of the municipality of Queretaro have a few days to register for the Tu Beca 2022 programme, which will run until Friday, April 15, when registration is open.

So far, more than 6000 applications are being evaluated, so don’t miss the chance to sign up either.

What is the Tu Beca program in Queretaro?

The Tu Beca 2022 Program seeks to provide financial support to Querétaro students who are attending high school, secondary school and university for people under the age of 25.

Among the requirements is that students have an average of above 8.0 to be able to access the money.

When will they give Tu Beca in Querétaro?

Although the 6,000 requests for financial support are still being analyzed, they are expected to be delivered in May.

Where do I register for the Tu Beca 2022 Querétaro Program?

All Querétaro students interested in the Tu Beca 2022 program and who meet the required average must register through the page:

How much is the Querétaro Tu Beca 2022 program worth?

The support will be provided twice a year, i.e. every semester. For high school students 1,600 pesos; For those who attend high school or high school, the amount will be 2,600 pesos, and finally for those who are at A-level or Bachelor’s degree it will be 3,700 pesos.

Due to the electoral ban, registration for Tú Beca 2022 has been suspended and reactivated last Monday, April 11th, and will be available until Friday 15th of this month.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by calling 4422307700, ext. 7380, 7353, 7356, 7354; Or through the social networks of the municipality and the Ministry of Human and Social Development itself.

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