Rappi will offer scholarships to delivery men to study English via Platzi

March 23, 2022 | 9:25 am

The platforms technology Rabbi s Blazy Launch the programBest in English’, through which they seek to award scholarships to platform distributors in connection with English language teaching.

to contribute to Self development s Professionals Of the Rappi distributors, a 100% educational scholarship program has been launched for 3,000 Rappitenderos and their families in large, medium and small cities, the company said in a statement.

The Colombian company added that it is very important mastering language. Like English, as it emerges as a competitive advantage in the world of work where there is a chance of up to 70% climb professionally And they have a better income.

As the world has become more connected through trade and technology, the need for countries and individuals to speak a second common language: English has also increased.

Rabi noted in his press document.

However, Rabe and Plazzi pointed out that Mexico Has a ‘very low proficiency’ in English – EF EPI- Ranking in Mexico 92 out of 112 countries.

A study conducted by the English company ABA revealed that 63% of Mexicans He admitted that he lost job opportunities due to the low level of English proficiency, as Rabe explained.

“This survey revealed that 9 out of 10 Mexicans consider people who speak English to have access to it Better working conditions“, Between companies.

The Scholarships will be delivered to Dealers – Agents In some cities where Rappi operates, as well as delivery men in some new cities where they will start their operations in 2022.

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The scholarships awarded to those distributors and their families will provide knowledge equivalent to A2 level of the Common European Framework in six months.

The Educational courses Online and available 24/7 within the platform Blazeso that the beneficiaries can study at their own pace, and eventually will receive a certificate from the education platform.

“methodology Platzy English SchoolIt allows people to learn from basic levels to speak fluently with native speakers,” said Jess Harris, Principal of the Blatze School of English.

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