Rappi and Platzi will provide scholarships to delivery partners to learn English

The program consists of awarding 100% educational scholarships to its 3,000 members, whether they benefit themselves or their families in large, medium, and small cities.

The scholarships will give them access to effective online education to gain new skills, in order to have professional tools that translate into better opportunities.

“At Rappi we value a great delivery team; we are constantly looking for new ways to increase their value proposition. In this sense, the alliance with Platzi, the leader in online education, is a natural step that helps us offer them quality education,” Rappi shared.

The courses are available 24/7 within the Platzi platform, so that the beneficiaries can study them at their own pace and eventually earn a certificate from the education platform.

“The Blatze School of English methodology allows people to learn from basic levels to speak fluently with native speakers,” said Jess Harris, Principal of the platform’s English language school.

Scholarships will be given to delivery personnel in some of the cities where Rappi operates, as well as delivery personnel in some of the new cities where Superapp will begin operations in 2022.

The scholarships awarded to those distributors and their families will provide knowledge equivalent to A2 level of the Common European Framework in six months.

Application requirements

The platform states that in order to access one of these courses, you must be an active Rappi distributor, have an interest in learning English as a family, have an internet connection, as well as a computer or mobile device to develop the courses.

In addition, you must have time, because the courses contain many theoretical and practical dynamics that will of course take more than 12 hours.

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