Ramiro Suarez Corzo, the current Colombian ambassador to Cuba, has accused him of paramilitarism

W had exclusive access to the extraordinary contribution of truth made by former Cúcuta Mayor Ramiro Suarez Corzo, which was handed over to the Appeals Department, which currently determines in the second instance whether the former local president was finally expelled or remained in the AKP. It is the last card played to continue in the jurisdiction.

In the 22-page document known by La W, former mayor Ramiro Suarez accused the current ambassador to Cuba and Former Senator for Norte de Santander, Juan Manuel Corzo Romanhad links with paramilitary groups between 2002 and 2007.

“Mr Ramiro Suárez Corzo asserts that he can tell JEP how Mr Corzo Roman has unlawfully pressured at least 200 neighborhood leaders in Cúcuta, so that they can He will vote for candidate Luis Miguel Morelli NaviaAll at the behest and initiative of the paramilitary groups. This is confirmed by the data Nicknamed “El Iguano” which confirms that Mr. Corzo Román Asking for political help for his group,” the Truth Plan reads.

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According to the former mayor, 200 community leaders were summoned to the Hotel Casino Internacional de Cúcuta and asked to vote for the former president of the National Hydrocarbon Agency, Luis Miguel Morelli Navia, to the Government of Norte de Santander and ‘in a low voice some tell it was from Corzo Roman and the paramilitaries who supported him.’ According to Suarez Corzo, at least 100 community leaders can attest to this situation.

But in the document, the former mayor of Cúcuta accused not only Ambassador Juan Manuel Corzo, but also ex-governor and CEO Morelli Navia of handing over, for example, the Provincial Transportation Secretariat to the brother of the murdered former DAS Director and, (according to Ramiro Suárez), ” Paramilitary Commander” Jorge Enrique Diaz, as well as the Minister of Agriculture of Mr. Andres Hoyos, son-in-law of the former fugitive Prosecutor Ana Maria Flores, also referred to by Suárez Corzo in his memorandum.

Also in the plan presented, the former local president directed the batteries against the former senator and former mayor of Cúcuta Manuel William Mora He noted links with paramilitary groups.

Mr. Ramiro Suarez Corzo has first-hand knowledge of the various meetings that the aforementioned ex-parliamentarian has had with groups outside the law. These meetings were held every 15 days on Mora’s farm in Vía Agua Clara. Likewise, Suárez Corzo realizes that paramilitary forces helped put out the fire during the farm fire, in which “El Iguano” and Ramiro Suárez were present,” he told the JEP party.

On the other hand, in connection with the murder of the former Comptroller of Cúcuta Alfredo Enrique Flores due to his conviction, Suarez Corzo indicated that he is innocent and accused Flores’ ex-wife, the former Director of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Norte de Santander, Ana Maria. Florez, for being the one who He ordered his murder, claiming that he had high life insurance And because she was the mistress of the former paramilitary commander known as “The Gato” of the American University in Cairo’s Frontier Conglomerate.

In addition to the numerous examinations in which, according to Suárez Corzo, the former prosecutor took life insurance, a judicial process that Alfredo Flores’ parents instituted against him, Suarez Corzo’s defense also provided a version presented by Jorge Ivan Laverde ‘El Iguano’ in 2021.

“This evidence we provide to JEP confirms that the true cause of Alfredo Enrique Flores’ death was his wife, who had an economic and emotional motive to commit the crime, and that There was no case of confrontation between Dr. Flores and Ramiro Suarez,” he told JEP.

Ramiro Suárez Corzo also did not accept to take part in the murder of Superintendent Pedro Duran Franco and noted that in that case (in which the former mayor was summoned for trial) there were false witnesses.. He also quoted ‘Iguano’, noting that the former commando had claimed responsibility for the crime He indicated that Ramiro Suarez had nothing to do with it.

Regarding the murder of the former mayor of Tipo, Tirso Velez, Ramiro Suárez Corzo rejected the statements of third parties that linked him to the murder of Velez and put forward “El Iguano” again, who stated before the Justice and Peace Organization that a murder had been committed because they had information that the local chief He was linked to the National Liberation Army. He also reaffirmed his innocence in the murder of the former legal advisor to the government of Norte de Santander, Jose Agustin Suarez Guatepónza.

In addition, the former president of Cúcuta flatly rejected the accusations of supposed support from paramilitary groups to his campaign for mayor, and agreed that after being summoned several times by them, he told them that he had “accepted” to cooperate with the American University in Cairo, The obligation that he holds is not fulfilled He emphasized that he had never hired them and had nothing to do with them.

Regarding the financing of his campaign, he also confirmed that he did not receive any kind of support from paramilitary groups, and once he took office he indicated that “in the mayor’s office the AU Commission tried to take on the task of recruitment” by which he promised to reveal the “methods, envoys and collaborators” who worked with that armed group.

Ramiro Suarez Corzo can tell the JEP, the victims and the country, and how the mechanisms used by the outlaw groups were He tried to influence the mayor of Cúcuta from 2001 to 2004, Who were the envoys sent, and when and where those meetings took place,” the document reads.

Finally, offer reparations plans to victims including scholarships, lots, money, a book about life and Contributing to the North Santander Community of former Comptroller Alfredo Enrique Flores.

Radio W contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to learn of Ambassador Corzo Roman’s response to former mayor Ramiro Suárez Corzo’s accusations, but noted that they had not yet been notified by the JEP, for which they The representative of Colombia in Cuba will not speak at the moment

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