Providing opportunities and alternatives for young people, our calling: Alfonso Martinez

The mayor witnesses the signing of an agreement between Colegio de Morelia and UMSNH to award scholarships to young people with limited resources

07:09 PM 11/04/2022

Morelia, Michoacan; April 11, 2022. – “In order to proactively respond to criminal acts in our city, it is necessary to recover young people, give them alternatives, opportunities, and establish preventive measures to build peace in Morelia, and this is the mission of the Colegio de Morelia” stressed the Mayor, Alfonso Martinez Alcázar.

He expressed the above when leading the signing of an agreement between the Colegio de Morelia and the Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, which will allow scholarships to be awarded to young people with limited resources so that they can continue their studies and money is not an obstacle to him. It also seeks to provide the opportunity for those who did not graduate, to be able to achieve it, and thus be able to be creditors for a better job.

“We don’t care if they have 6, 7, 8 or 10, what interests us is that they are in the classrooms studying. We cannot demand high performance from a young man who has to go out to earn a living and that is why we have to keep helping him,” added the mayor.

He stated that there is a council made up of representatives from universities, civil society and Morelia College, who choose men and women who deserve scholarships, with the aim of granting them to young people who need them most.

“They told me at the University of Vasco de Quiroga: We liked the program so much that we want to resume it as soon as possible because it was not only beneficial to young scholarship holders, but also to our students, because the fact that the student arrived who did not bring money for transportation, and school shoes, from Among other things, he managed to persuade the other boys to show solidarity and help in the simplest matters; it was a lesson to all,” the mayor shared.

He finally explained that the Colegio de Morelia was born in 2015 and 600 scholarships were awarded; He was later buried in 2018 and today, he is being rescued again to continue encouraging low-income youth.

In his participation, the Dean of the Higher House of Studies, Raúl Cardenas Navarro, congratulated, recognized and thanked the President for his interest in young people studying and thus reducing school dropouts, increasing the graduation rate and education coverage in Morelia, concentrating 90 percent of students at UMSNH.

The Director of Colegio de Morelia, José Manuel Alvarez Lucio, reported that according to the closing of the call last Friday, April 8, more than 1,300 scholarship applications were received; Of all of them, 508 were newcomers, of whom 200 put this university among their favorite universities to study for a job and 149 people with an amputated career, which led to a third of those wanting to reintegrate into Nicolite.

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