Progressive Scholarships 2022: How to Register for April and Steps to Follow

Like every month, the Ministry of Education for the nation Scholarships in April ProgressIt is a program implemented by the national government to promote enrollment, attendance and graduation for male and female students, encourage completion of compulsory education, and encourage higher education and vocational training courses.

Those who have registered correctly and fulfill the requirements will receive the grant payments, which were increased in March and which will allow the minimum payment to be raised to $6,400 (in March 2021 it was $3,600).

How do you register?

  • Enter My ANSES with your Social Security Code. If you do not have a password, you can create it on the web.
  • Check if your personal data and family links are up to date. If not, you should upload the documentation through Virtual Attention.
  • Download and print the registration form.
  • Go to the institution where you are studying and has Section 2 – Education Data from the completed and signed form.
  • I uploaded the completed and signed form to My ANSES.

what do you need?

  • Be a citizen or naturalized Argentine with a DNI or legal resident with at least 2 years of residency in the country.
  • Be a regular student at an educational institution.
  • The sum of your income and that of your family group must not exceed 3 minimum salaries, vital and mobile.
  • Progress registration form.
  • If you are not financially dependent on either of your parents or you do not know their whereabouts: Complete the Affidavit of Family Status form and provide some of the following documents:
  1. Summary judicial information issued by the family court (where the location of the father/mother is unknown); also
  2. documenting the dining experience; also
  3. complaint of domestic violence; also
  4. A certificate guaranteeing residence in an institute or a home for minors.

Progresar is a program implemented by the national government to promote the enrollment, attendance and graduation of male and female students, to promote completion of compulsory education and to encourage higher education and vocational training courses.

To learn more about each of the PROGRESAR Scholarships you can click here. Remember that the new registration began on March 1 and ends on April 30, 2022.

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