Progresar Scholarships: When and Where Can I Raise Up to $10,700

National Social Security Administration (answer) You will pay this month the amount Progressive Scholarships subordinate Ministry of educationaccording to him April 2022 calendar. This program means an economic incentive for people to complete their studies at different levels. ActHow do I know when I collect progress?

In addition to the recent announcement of the new Retirees Bonus: $6000Since last year, the government launched a Bonus for Progresar Scholarships In terms of contact. This is an additional amount that service holders receive to be able to pay for the Internet service, and it is a key tool for ensuring the continuity of educational paths.

It is a program that also Receive this year’s reward is work empowermentUnder the “Back to Study” program for people who have resumed their studies. It will also be $6000 pesos delivered as of Tuesday.

for this part, Progresar Scholarships also have an open call for this year The results have already begun to be published. However, it is still practical Registration 2022 It is still open to all of its lines.

How much do I earn in Progresar Scholarships for April

All program amounts They have included $1000 as a reward For connection, which will be paid in the same account and on the same date of service.

  • Progress requiredIntended for people entering elementary or secondary levels: $6,400
  • 16 and 17 years oldwithin mandatory progression, for those in their final years of high school: $6,400
  • Advance higherAimed at those studying at undergraduate or undergraduate level: $6,400
  • nursing progressFor undergraduate or undergraduate nursing students: $6,400 to $10,700
  • Progress of workIntended for people in apprenticeship training: $6,400

Applying for scholarships

Except for Progresar Trabajo who ended her invitation on November 30, All scholarship lines close their online form on April 30th. To register, you must go to and access using your username and password.

In contrast, the results can be confirmed in My Anses . platform, which are entered with CUIL and Social Security Act. There you have to select ‘My Progress’ and then, in ‘View the status of my application’, the DNI number will be entered to see if I am receiving the progress grant.

Who can register for Progresar Scholarships

The conditions to be able to enroll in Progresar Education Scholarships depend on which font you want to apply for. However, the constant requirement for everyone is this The family group income limit does not exceed three minimum wagesLively and mobile. With the increase in April, these limits were adjusted. During the year, the maximum will be increased according to the salary.

  • April: $116,820 (minimum wage $38,940)
  • June: $126,720 (minimum salary $42,240)
  • August: $136,620 (minimum salary $45,540)
  • December: $143,550 (minimum salary $47,850)

To consult on all Becas Progresar requirements, go to

Date and place of collection Anses

For consultation When do I get the Progression Scholarships, Anses has made available the website with the date and place of payment which can be accessed using CUIL from You can also check the payment schedule on the page.

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