Primary school students go for scholarships at the Knowledge Olympiad


Elementary students compete for scholarships in the Knowledge Olympiad. Photo: Katia Fernandez / EsImagen

students Sixth grade public, private, indigenous and rural schools compete in 2022 Children’s Knowledge Olympiad The winners will receive a scholarship A thousand pesos a month during his three years in high school.

The competition will take place in three phases, in School district, by sector and state level. The first stage has begun last March 28 and ends on April 29; The second from May 2 to 20 and the third from May 23 to June 15.

You will be recognized to pass the assessment. Knowledge and skills of the subjects of Mathematics, Spanish, Natural Sciences, History and Geography.

The aim of the competition is to contribute to raising the quality Education system and encourage students to achieve. Publish the final results It will be held on June 24.

The authorities of each state, and AEFCM and the Konavi Will designate the body that Formulating, applying and qualifying assessment toolsIn addition to defining evaluation criteria and announcing the results.

The winners of the Children’s Knowledge Olympiad 2022 will receive a scholarship of 1,000 pesos per month from Bancomer Corporation, During each of the ten months, of the following three courses of secondary education. Check the rules and call.


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Edited by: Laura Ortega

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