Paul Osmendi and Martin Mays have been chosen by Santander Bank to create a network of talent.

The family of Gipuzkoans Paul Auzmendi and Martin Maiz are part of a group of young people from across the state chosen by Banco Santander in a project that wants to build a network of talent.

Theyou 200 of the best baccalaureate students from across the state gathered in Madrid last weekend. They did it in the framework of the program Europe Santander Scholarshipsr, who seeks – next to Francisco Vitoria University and the University Leadership School– Gather these young people with the goal of “obstetrics” network of talents and to strengthen their intellectual abilities.” Among them are two Gipuzkoans, and Hernanara Paul Osmende, 18 years old And it’s almost over School course in Santo Tomas Lisúaand the errinterirra Martin Miz, 17 And that Study in Mendez.

Martin and Paul passed a tough test to be among the 200 shortlisted people. for a start, your average score – One semester of baccalaureate completion – is 10, which allowed them to be selected by their own schools for this program. Initially 4,000 students were selected He took the “Psychology and Personality” test that left the list at only 800 young people. The next test was Record a one-minute video that tells the personal aspects: your hobbies, your personality.From there they took 400 and the next screen was made with Logic, Vocabulary, Intelligence, English and Personality Test Resulting in the aforementioned 200 students.

Once on this a la carte list, Martin and Paul had to Executing a project with other state students to help La Palma IslandWhich was affected at the end of last year by the eruption of a volcano Cumber Vega volcano. The two Gipuzkoans worked in different groups, but both focused on their own section Buildings and Infrastructure. Projects took place over several weekends, with MIT meetings on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Last weekend was the time to submit projects. In addition, 200 students listened Various conversations by university leadership school observers, which they discussed afterwards. The 200 youngsters are already in this program that focuses on “enhancing talent” that will accompany them throughout their university life. Next to, 50 of them will enjoy a 20-day trip in summer to visit many European universities – The route has not yet been determined – and receive various conversations there. They admit “this is the jackpot”satisfied with the experience in Madrid and in the previous months, where, yes, they had to work “a lot”.

Hard work and personality

specially Hard work is the common denominator for both young people from Gipuzkoa. An average score of 10 is obtained not only with high intelligence, which is what he also has. “Yes I have ease, but still You have to spend hours to get good grades“This is the combination that the Europa Santander Scholarship seeks: a good head and hard work,” says Paul. I think they also, throughout the process, sought it Let’s have our ownThat we were able to work as a team, to discuss, to be creative,” Martin adds.

Both, for example, try In making a good presentation video. Paul, a huge fan of cinema with knowledge in video editing, made a “creative” recording, with “cool transitions” and “copying” of himself to talk about his hobbies, which are tennis, playing the piano, being with friends as well as cinema. Martin also put his personal stamp on it: “I wanted to do it well and I went to Tabakalera to rent a camera. I made like a paper car that was going on a trip that chronicled my life and my hobbies. I talked about the sport that I love so much. I am a handball referee“.

Choose an undergraduate course They are going to study is the next academic challenge for these two children from Gibuzcoa. Paul Ozmandi practically decided to study Double Degree in Physics and Electronic Engineering on the UPV/EHU’s Bizkaia campus, while Martin Mays will also receive a double degree, in his case at Mechanical engineering, electronic and automatic industrial engineering, Also in UPV/EHU, although in Donostia. Meanwhile, they will continue to immerse themselves in this program to enhance their talents. They comment on this by saying, “They will give us conferences from time to time.” The challenge, on paper, is to put their abilities to the service of society. and then The project was presented in teamwork to help the island of La Palma. Among the other options they would take on this path would be in the future to “be watchers” for future generations of the best high school students. Martin and Paul They admit they’ve been “tired” due to exhaustion the past few weeks And the intensity of everything that happened in the last days in Madrid, but with the “desire” to live all that awaits us. What is a lot.

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