Path-defining scholarships for today’s and tomorrow’s professionals

It is no longer a matter of reaching the labor market, but rather of training an entire generation capable of transcending it without falling, or in the event of failure, learning to rise. That is, assuming change as a constant moving forward and not as an end, error, or failure. Digitization positions this as the most profitable path and also as the path that can generate the most opportunities precisely because of its changing nature.

The opportunity to access training capable of avoiding imminent obsolescence is one of the main objectives of Santander universities: a global, unique and pioneering initiative that promotes new educational and employment opportunities for students and professionals, through the Santander Scholarships; And for startups and SMEs, through Santander X. 25 years after its inception, at the beginning of this year, the entity gave a boost to its offering by focusing on continuous learning and professional recycling.

Thanks to the Ítaca-Santander stipend scholarship, young people like Kevin Visiana can devote themselves exclusively to their studies

They are path-defining scholarships for young people who, like Kevin Viciana, find the opportunity to pursue higher education with dedication that also opens new doors for them. In his case, because thanks to the taca-Santander stipend, he was able to devote himself exclusively to study. “I am fully aware that if I had not received this scholarship, I would have had to combine study and work, with the enormous sacrifices involved. Thanks to that I was one of the exceptional awards in my law degree,” he said.

full dedication

The Kevin Institute was part of the Ítaca Campus, a series of workshops for third year ESO students, aimed at bringing the university closer to students and showing what it’s like to study at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. This is how he found the scholarship and how his life as a student is not what it used to be. “First, because of the peace of mind knowing that I can count on paying the registration fee and €500 per month for the duration of the study if I don’t fail any subject,” he explains.

Kevin was able to continue his extracurricular training and gain some financial independence “without needing a part-time job that would take me out of my studies”. Santander Universities’ commitment to him is something he always keeps in mind. “For me it was a real encouragement because I wanted to show that I was worthy of that trust and that I was able to give back what they gave me with my knowledge,” says Kevin.

Kevin Santander Universities

Kevin combines his master’s degree in business law with the start of his legal practice in a Barcelona law firm and economists

Kevin today combines a master’s degree in business law with the beginning of his legal practice at a law firm and economists in Barcelona. He recognizes that he is a lucky person: “I know there are many students with strong potential who will not be able to meet the university fees or who, once they are able to pay it, will have to invest part of their time working away from their interests to contribute to the local economy or Pay for their hobbies.”

Passport to Brazil

Kevin sums up: “Personally, I’m proud to say that I’m part of the great family that is Santander Universities and I appreciate that they dedicate a portion of their earnings to supporting students like me.” Or like Sandra Tejero, who, thanks also to the grant, took a step she would never forget and pushed her across the pond. Thanks to the Ibero-American scholarship, he traveled to Brazil to carry out his final year project in the 2013/2014 academic year.

“I felt very lucky. The number of scholarships offered to the Polytechnic was not that many, so I always thought I was very lucky. When they called me to give me the news, it was a very happy moment that I will always remember,” Sandra shares. He spent a year in São Paulo, where he studied at UNESP (Universidade Estadual Paulista) for a full academic year. “The experience was great, being able to live for a year in Brazil was definitely a great luck. An experience I would like to repeat without even thinking about it,” he highlights.

I have learned to appreciate the worthwhile things in life that we often take for granted.”

Sandra TejeroStudent of the Ibero-American BA scholarship in the 2013/2014 academic year

As a student, she had the opportunity to get acquainted with a teaching methodology completely different from that of her university in Madrid: “Thanks to this experience, I learned to develop myself in an international environment and different cultures, which helped me acquire new ways of thinking and gain ease in working in professional environments”. Non-academic learning made her more self-sufficient. “I have matured and changed. I have learned to appreciate the things in life that are really worthwhile and that we often take for granted,” he recalls.


Santander universities not only help young students to study or finish their studies, but also want to encourage their entrepreneurial spirit by betting on business or project ideas that have the most potential and impact. This is the case of Santander Explorer, with eleven versions behind it, one of which transported Baltasar Lopez to Silicon Valley. First as a student and later as a researcher, he began to accumulate a lot my knowledge in battery engineering and development.

Lopez realized one thing: Manufacturers of vehicles that were not conventional cars, such as trucks, buses, motorcycles, etc., did not have access to the latest generation, quality and personalized batteries, without resorting to three-year development deadlines and millionaire investments. “Then I thought about founding Millor Battery to specialize in developing custom batteries for this type of car manufacturer,” explains its founder.


A version of Santander Explorer has taken Baltasar Lopez to Silicon Valley

About to set up the company, Baltasar came across the Santander Explorer – which in 2016 was called Santander YUZZ – and didn’t hesitate to sign up. “I learned many things from the coaches and from expert conversations and met other entrepreneurs to share impressions and experiences and connect with them, with whom I am still in contact today,” he recalls, adding: “In addition, winning the award gave us a bad reputation for publicizing the project and boosting morale. The whole team.”

Baltasar traveled with the rest of the winners to the Entrepreneurship and Technology District, Silicon Valley. “It has been a very inspiring experience to continue working on the project with greater enthusiasm than ever before. On an entrepreneurial level, this environment shows important differences from ours, but it helps a lot to have a more global view of the projects, which has helped Millor Battery a lot to look forward to become an international standard in our market,” he points out.

Santander universities also support people immersed in the labor market who want to reorient their careers or adapt to new emerging jobs.

That experience was a turning point, as after that trip the Millor Battery Company started on an unstoppable hike. Less than a year later, they already had their first customers and opened their own battery factory in Cerdanola del Valles. Since 2018, it has focused on the development, manufacturing and market launch of its new lines of smart and modular batteries FlexiFIVEL for light vehicles and flexiEBUST for heavy vehicles. “Right now, there is nothing equivalent for the markets we are focusing on,” he shares.

Santander universities also support people who are already immersed in the labor market and who wish to reorient their careers or adapt to new emerging jobs. Employability is, in fact, the pivot through which new scholarships are formulated. Thus, in recent months, the entity has launched four new initiatives: 3,000 new scholarships and the Santander X Global Entrepreneurship Challenge | Funding for All to identify the most innovative startups and companies with the greatest potential for financial inclusion.

Baltasar López Santander Universities

Less than a year after its inception, Millor Battery already had its first customers and its own battery plant in Cerdanola del Valles.

Nicholas Lopez Montoya

In terms of new scholarships, 1,600 Santander Scholarships stand out | Digital Business – University of Chicago, aimed at those who wish to develop new skills in digital management models. Also the 400 Santander Tech Scholarship | Emerging Technologies Program by MIT Professional Education, where participants will be able to deepen their knowledge of emerging innovative technologies that are most in demand in businesses; 1,000 Santander Language Scholarship | English to Enhance Your Career – University of Pennsylvania to enhance English language proficiency in professional settings.

Over its 25-year history, Santander has helped more than 630,000 students, professionals, entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises, with an investment of more than 2,000 million euros and agreements with more than 1,000 universities and academic institutions in 11 countries. 630,000 stories actually make up a whole big family full of dreams come true and goals achieved.

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