Paranoa bets on economic revitalization

The Mayor of Baranoa, Roberto Celedon Venegas, visited the facilities of EL HERALDO to tell us that the Municipality of Parano is working to generate economic, gastronomic and tourist activity for the residents of the municipality.

The mayor said that they are looking for an economic revitalization so that the residents of the municipality get their jobs back, restore their income, and the income of their families, promote and revitalize with the various festivals taking place in Paranoa Municipality.

The mayor stated that the municipality of Paranoa “has a path of festivals for economic revitalization”.

“We have a route of festivals, in December we have the Chicharon festival, and we hope to do it in person, in January we will have a pea festival, in the province of Cebarco, we will have the traditional festival of the Three Kings with Loa de Baranoa and also the Plum Festival in Campeche and the Pital de Megua cake.

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