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December 06, 2021

Professors and postgraduate students are invited to apply for the CUMEX Mobility Scholarship Program – AUIP 2022

The invitation for professors, researchers and postgraduate students of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa (UAS) to apply for the CUMEX – AUIP 2022 Mobility Scholarship Program will end next February.

This program funds scholarships to promote academic stays face-to-face at the international level between higher education institutions of the Confederation of Mexican Universities (CUMex) and those that are part of the Association of Ibero-American Postgraduate University (AUIP), explained the Director General of International Relations (DGVRI), Jesus Enrique Sanchez Zazueta.

The grant consists of a support of $3,000, part of it for air transportation and the other for maintenance. These programs are for short stays ranging from 15 days to a maximum of two months so that researchers and graduate students can go to other universities that are part of the Consortium of Mexican Universities and which are part of the Association of Ibero-American Postgraduate Universities (AUIP) and develop their research in greater depth through Working with colleagues from other parts of the world,” he explained.

He stressed that only universities recognized for their high standards of academic quality are members of CUMex, a fact that allows UAS professors, masters and doctoral students to access this type of scholarship that advances science, academic and cultural, by being able to afford mobility in more than 70 universities in Latin America and Iberian America.

“Those of us who are members of CUMex, because we have indicators of quality, we have indicators of internationalization, mobility, operations management and the Autonomous University of Sinaloa and we are all part of it have this advantage with AUIP”, Hindi.

The university official indicated that some of the requirements for applying for the scholarship are: Obtaining an acceptance letter issued by the institution in which you want to reside. A letter of application approved by the Director of the Academic Unit; Work schedule, among other things.

To learn more about the call, you can refer to the web pages and or connect through the Facebook fan page Directorate General of Communication and International Relations – UAS, or go Directly to the DGVRI offices located in Buelna Campus 4.

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