Open call for scholarships

Ciudad Juárez: The Ministry of Education has reminded parents that the second call for scholarships for this year begins this Monday.

The call has already been activated on the municipality portal and will be available on April 11, 12 and 13 where interested parties can pre-register for support.

“We invite you to pre-register, to obtain the registry number by which you can deliver your documents on the day that corresponds to you according to the call, clarifying that this stage is for new applicants only.”

In the case of applicants who already have a previous record number, they are reminded that this scholarship is awarded once a year and one student per family, so if they do not apply this year, they must appear during the day that corresponds to the previous paper number.

Bank references will be delivered as of June 13 in the Benito Juárez Civic Hall and on June 17 at the Coordinator of Zaragoza.


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