Open Call for Scholarships to Study Masters in Indigenous and Afro-Public Health

The call, led by Manos Visibles, Universidad de los Andes and USAID, will benefit 15 people.

The Call for an Ethnic Presentation in Public Health 2022target population A native s Afro Colombianthrew 15 Scholarships To perform Master of Public Health On the Andean University During the second half of this year. Registration will be open until 25 April, through the Manos Visibles website (

The initiative targets professionals in any field, who define themselves as aborigines also Afro-Colombiansare between 25 and 30 years old and have an interest in learning and developing public policy in health. After reviewing and fulfilling the requirements described on the Manos Visibles page, interested persons must prepare a proposal to participate in the program and write a letter of motivation, as well as fill out the registration form through this link: BFrgJjc.

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The requirements for applying to the call are:

  • Demonstrate and support specific professional experience and/or interest in Public Health.
  • Availability of time for the study program.
  • You have availability and financing to travel or settle in Bogota during the course. Manos Visibles will not cover travel or accommodation expenses, or those incurred during program development.
  • It is very important to use English as a second language.

“People who meet the requirements and submit a duly completed form and strong proposal will be contacted for a telephone or virtual interview. Next, people who demonstrate interest, career and strong leadership will be selected,” explains Manos Visibles. The call will be pre-selected during the month of May.

The proposal to apply on the call is a text of a maximum of 300 words in which the research problem that the student is interested in developing during the master’s degree must be indicated. Instructions for making the script are in the following link:

The Master of Public Health at Universidad de los Andes is an academic program consisting of 44 credits, with a duration of two years.

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