Open Call for Scholarships in Barrancabermeja

The Barrancabermeja Municipal Office announced this week that many young people in the city are awaiting the opening of the call for the scholarship program.

The Minister of Local Education, Omar Prada, has reported that more than 1,000 scholarships are being offered for the next semester.

“We will be until December 20 with the opening of our virtual headquarters and enabling them to progress. There are more than 150 programs available,” the official commented.

In addition, he said, students studying from the 10th grade can pursue technical careers, without the need for a bachelor’s degree.

“Year 11 students who still do not have the title in their hands, but wish to apply for the life-changing scholarship program, for professional level, should wait for this document,” Prada said.

How to apply

Once registration is open, persons interested in applying for one of the 2020 Barrancabermeja Mayor’s Office Scholarships must meet certain requirements and address several steps.

Camilo Andrés Diaz, Program Coordinator, reported that the application must be submitted through the website, until December 20.

Once there, there are two options. One for those applying to study in the first semester of 2022 and the other for those who wish to do so in the second semester of the same semester.

Requirements include living in Barrancabermeja, presenting a high school diploma or degree certificate, obtaining a Sisbén Certificate under Method 4, assigned at Barrancabermeja up to category C18, and not studying another technical, technological, vocational and educational programme. It is accepted by an academic institution that is part of the call for life-changing scholarships.

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