Open Call for Fulbright LASPAU Scholarship for University Professors

Reference #6-2022
February 18 2022

The Fulbright LASPAU Scholarship (Latin American Scholarship Program for American Universities) offers university professors in Guatemala the opportunity to pursue a master’s degree in the United States. The call for Guatemala is open and Closes May 31, 2022. The selected fellows will travel to the United States around July 2023.

Since 1974, LASPAU has awarded scholarships to more than 100 Guatemalan professors, and LASPAU alumni are Fulbright Ambassadors. After completing their studies in the United States, they return to Guatemala to make a significant impact in their academic fields and communities.

Applicants must:

  • Fulfill all eligibility criteria defined here:
  • Study for the exam GRE (Graduate Record Examination) And be prepared to take the test in May 2022.
  • Receive written support from your university in Guatemala and concrete plans for advancement in your field upon your return from the United States. This support does not require financial aid yes It requires a commitment from the faculty to allow the applicant to take classes upon completion of the master’s program in the United States.

The application is available in English only at the following link:

Anasilvia Salazar is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction at Iowa State University, and the institution in Guatemala that supported the Fulbright LASPAU scholarship nomination was Universidad del Valle (UVG).

“Fulbright LASPAU means a world of opportunity for my career. Since I was studying Computer Science Engineering, I dreamed of studying for a master’s degree in it. Human-computer interaction. The biggest obstacle to this dream is that there is no master’s degree in Guatemala, and moving abroad to study was difficult to achieve. The Fulbright LASPAU Scholarship not only fulfilled my dream of being able to study this master’s degree in one of the top universities in the United States, but also opened a world of opportunities to further my career as a computer science engineer and as one of the Ansylvia about the scholarship.

What expenses does the LASPAU scholarship cover?

This scholarship covers visa, travel, accommodation, university fees, and medical insurance expenses for the candidate while in the United States. This does not cover dependents. More information is available here:


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