Online High School Scholarships: Esperanza Gómez will offer 2000 Scholarships for Technical Studies and High Schools | trends

Colombian women Amal Gomez Known on the Internet for adult videos, but also to some social business. This is in Social media A video of the actress has been posted in which she offers 2,000 registrations and scholarships from fifty% From high school and the entire art program. It must be remembered that in 2021, the actress was well received when giving 1000 license platesThis year, they redoubled their efforts with their team.

It is an alliance with Tripol Foundation, Entity related to Ministry of educationThis allows citizens to access these courses in a late manner and with flexible schedules. Which allows any Colombian citizen to graduate remotely.

On the other hand, Gomez said that they will present 15 art programs In order for students to have access to other areas of knowledge, the only thing they will need is their cell phone or computer with a good internet connection.

Thus, advertising has become a trend in Country Netizens quickly commented that despite his success, he never forgot the people of his country.

For more information, click here, and remember that it is only valid for Colombia.

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