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On the first day of registration, more than 16 thousand people signed up for the first winter PDT time

During the morning of Monday – until April 29 or until quotas are filled – the registration process for the first edition of the Winter University System Entrance Examination began, which in turn would be the Last Transfer (PDT) before the new Higher Education Access Examination (PAES) became available. And the numbers recorded after the first day are positive.

According to the record of the Undersecretary of Higher Education, until four o’clock in the afternoon On the first day 16,196 people signed up To perform any of the tests, with a summit logs in the morning.

“This allows in a way to humanize a stressful process like access to higher education and therefore the high expectation that this winter test had, and we will see the behavior of this enrollment, It could already be evidence of the importance of moving towards mechanisms like this or other‘,” says Veronica Figueroa, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education.

Specifically, this means that during the first day of placing orders 32.4% of the 50,000 . vacancies were filled That this test will be identical to the test taken last summer and that it is used for access to one of the 45 institutions attached to the Higher Education Access System.

But how was that quota determined? According to the definition adopted by the Technical Committee for Entry into Universities last year, it was created based on the number of high school graduates who register each year to take the exam for the second time.

To take the winter test, all those who have already graduated from high school can register, but not those who are in the fourth year of the year of giving up.

As indicated, to be offered throughout Chile, offices will be established in all regional capitals and Easter Island, among others. Additionally, starting with the 2023 admissions process (which begins with the upcoming examination) Applicants will be considered as the best score they obtained in each testconsidering that they are valid those scores obtained during the My last two admissions.

December 2021 July 2022 December 2022 express
reading comprehension 600 640 670 670
Maths 620 do not yield 580 620
Sciences 560 do not yield do not yield 560
Date 550 600 700 700

In this sense, from the next operation It is not mandatory to register all exams If at the time of registration the applicants have already graduated from high school, and therefore can register for the tests of interest to them, as well as pay different fees depending on the number of tests they choose: $13,800 per person; $2,5195 for two people; and $36,590 for three or more. Meanwhile, the fee-paying scholarship is an advantage for students who are in their fourth year at the time of registration, so those who register for this winter test will not be eligible for this scholarship.

Also, this winter’s PDT results will be published using the new scoring scale, which will be published Between 100 and 1000 points. Therefore, those who took the test in December 2021 and who got their points on the old scale (up to 850), will have to convert their points on an already defined scale which, for example, turns from 150 to 100, from 501 to 433, from 700 to 774 or From 850 to 1,000 points.

Education experts have no doubt: the new winter test is a very good move.

“We consider the choice of students to take an entrance test twice a year It is a step in the right directionHowever, it is imperative that the system as a whole adapts to these changes”, says Alejandra Conteras, Executive Director of the Confederation of Chilean State Universities (Cuech).

Thus, it makes it clear that public universities do not have admissions processes in the second semester, because it is in line with the granting of student aid by the state. “Both scholarships and free scholarships are allocated only once a year, therefore, young people who take this examination for half a year will not have immediate access to higher education unless they directly fund their fees.” Likewise, he adds, to the extent that there are no scholarships to fund registration for the two exams in a year, “there will be great difficulty in reaching the most vulnerable young people, and therefore A disadvantage compared to those who have the resources to pay for their registrationFor this reason, he believes, “it is important to assess and anticipate the effects on equity that these changes may have by making other necessary public policy adjustments. The analysis must be comprehensive.

Alejandra Aratea, Executive Director of Education 2020, agrees: “It will be positive if higher education institutions open admissions processes in the middle of the yearso that (applicants) do not have to wait for another semester to be able to start their studies.”

Despite everything, yes, the evaluation of the new application of the test tends to be positive. They are clear in Enseña Chile: “We want students to reach their fullest potential. So, if they can take the exam more than once, It will be very positive for young people, because it reduces their stress and pressure when taking the examFor example, Thomas Ryckart, CEO.

Similarly, from Education 2020, Aratia stated that they value this new alternative “because we believe in it The ability to take the exam twice a year helps reduce stress and pressure on studentsand giving more options to those who, for various reasons, were unable to continue their studies of higher education based on their results in the end-of-year examination.

Along the same lines, Daniel Rodriguez, Director of Acción Educar, believes that “It is positive that the access system is more flexible and frees itself from some inertia, such as taking the exam once a year, in order to expand the possibilities of students. This obviously expands the students’ possibility by reducing stress and allowing them to make the decision with the best possible outcome.”

Recart, from Enseña Chile, notes that there are “very good” examples of assessments in other countries, such as the GMAT or GRE, that can be taken many times over. “Giving this possibility will directly benefit students to really stay in what they want to study.”

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