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International University of La Rioja (UNIR) and the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (SG /OASOpen a new call to Scholarships Students from the American continent, including Colombia, can apply to it, with an offer of more than 70 Master’s degrees European Official Online.

It’s a program Scholarships Which is being held for six years and already has 14 copies. They have been created, they point out Unite and OAS, To provide opportunities for professional growth to scholarship recipients, as well as increase their chances of finding a good job.

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The Scholarships Partial, covering 60 percent of the cost of study, is dedicated to a master’s degree in various fields of knowledge such as education, human rights, communication, technology and management, marketing, Finance, sales, and human resources, among others.

The degrees are taught online, in Spanish, and correspond to the academic year. Scholarships can be awarded to students residing in any country on the American continent.

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60 partial scholarships are offered and the application deadline is February 15, 2022. Results will be published at the end of February. Those who have been selected for the award will be notified by email.

Studies are scheduled to start in mid-March and April (depending on the characteristics of each programme).

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How to apply for scholarships

Those interested are advised to find out the pre-requisite profile for each program on the university website, where they can also process their applications online.

To apply for these scholarships, they must have previously been accepted into one of the master’s degrees. The priority criterion for the award is the recognition of the student’s academic merit.

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