OAS: Nicaragua may be suspended due to possible electoral fraud

Director of the Migration and Development Program for the Inter-American Dialogue, Manuel Orozco, The Organization of American States warned (OAS) will assess in the next few hours whether to suspend Nicaragua’s participationafter possible electoral fraud was denounced in the presidential election that Daniel Ortega won for the fourth time.

It is worth noting that President Ortega wins amid arrests of seven competing candidates After he accused his opponents of being “terrorists” and “demons”, they conspired to prevent the elections.

in conversation with Radio RCNThe expert said that the international community, with the exception of Russia, declared the elections in Nicaragua “illegal”, after noting that they would condemn electoral fraud, which would be much greater than expected.

“Ortega won 74.99% in an election with 35% abstentions, when independent observers reported 80% abstentions, it’s really unfortunate (…) The OAS will meet in two weeks and they will decide whether to suspend Nicaragua’s membership in the OAS, ignoring the electoral process and the government.”She said.

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Note the international analyst Other countries such as the United States have increased pressure against election fraud in Latin America.

“The United States has passed a Rebirth Act that will essentially put pressure on Nicaragua, Which includes the suspension of international funding (…) the community is waking up, the United States is increasing its pressure and there are more than 20 countries within the inter-American system willing to ignore the electoral process,” Orozco said.

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