OAS Launches Postgraduate Scholarship Program for the Americas

The Organization of American States (OAS) has launched a scholarship program for students from the region with the aim of supporting them in pursuing their higher degrees.

The multilateral organization, through the Alliances Program for Education and Training, has signed an agreement with the European University, which It awards scholarships that include online, face-to-face and blended master’s degrees, in all fields of knowledge, from engineering to health sciences.

Initially, 150 students with citizenship and/or residency in OAS member states will benefit.

“The scholarships are a fantastic opportunity for students from North, Central and South America and the Caribbean to take full advantage of the innovative academic model. On the basis of experiential learning that combines the best knowledge, human talent and cutting-edge technology, as stated in a joint statement.

OAS Head of Scholarships Yadira Soto noted that “Through the Alliance Program (Paec), the organization has It seeks to work with associations and universities interested in promoting the internationalization of higher education and to receive and support international students in their efforts to advance their training.

“The pandemic has shown the importance of working with partners who offer programs with new and much needed skills. We are looking for institutions that offer greater flexibility in their programmes, grants and financial assistance, which is why we are very pleased that Universidad Europea has joined this important initiative, becoming a strategic ally of our organization.”

For his part, the Vice President for Institutional Relations and University Life of the European University, Sergio Calvo, pointed out that “The signing of this agreement represents another step for our higher education center with its firm commitment to internationalization and to provide a global educational experience to the countries of the American continent. Which has already proven to be a great success experience in Europe.”

“Doing this in tandem with such a prestigious organization as the Organization of American States is not only a source of pride, but also ensures that we will truly achieve the goal of promoting talent in the region,” he added.

The first call opened on March 11 and is offering scholarships for 12-month postgraduate programs.

Applications can be submitted until 7 April and selected applications will be published in the third week of April. The partial scholarship program will cover 50% of the value of studies.

The first call opened on March 11 and is offering scholarships for 12-month postgraduate programs. – Photo: Courtesy UNAD

The scholarship evaluation process will take into account the applicants’ academic and professional merit, as well as geographic location and gender parity to allocate scholarships to the most outstanding students in the region. To apply, interested parties can access the information published on the website: https://estudiar.universidadeuropea.com/becas-OAS-colombia/.

It was noted that the OAS Scholarship Program was established with the recognition that education is a human right and an essential factor in promoting economic and social development, welfare and social inclusion.

“Supports the efforts of its member states to increase access to quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all”referring to the living organism.

Universidad Europe, a signatory to the agreement, is a higher education institution with a presence in both Spain and Portugal. Also, stand out in Categories Prestigious higher education, such as world university rankings, is ranked as the third best private institution in Spain.

Fulbright Scholarships for Postgraduate Studies in the US: How to Apply?

On the other hand, the Administrative Department for Social Prosperity (DPS), with the Columbian Institute for Educational Credit and Technical Studies Abroad (Icetex) and the Columbia Fulbright Commission – through the Youth in Action Program – has opened a call for Scholarships are awarded to selected professionals through the Academic and Professional Benefits Scheme.

According to the terms of reference for the Fulbright DPS Youth in Action Scholarship, “This call is part of the need expressed by the Mission of Wise Men to contribute to the construction and implementation of public policy for education, science, technology and innovation and to support human capital formation in graduate studies for Colombians committed to responding to the country’s social, economic and productive challenges.” .

Likewise, the call details Seeks to enhance application in priority areas identified by the Mission of the Wise as “of great importance to the development of Colombia”:

  • convergent technologies.
  • Cultural and creative industries.
  • sustainable energy.
  • Biotechnology, Environment and Bioeconomics.
  • Ocean Resources and Hydrobiology.
  • Social sciences and human development with equity.
  • Life and Health Sciences.
  • Basic and space sciences.

On this occasion, the call aims to contribute to the high-level training of up to five Colombian university specialists who, at the time of applying for the scholarship, have completed their accompaniment in the training programme, supported by the Jovenes en Acción programme, and wishing to carry out master’s programs in state universities United States starting from the second semester of 2023.

Selected candidates must return to Colombia at the end of their study programs and remain in the country for a minimum of two years.the time during which they must repay the knowledge acquired during the scholarship, as detailed in their terms and conditions.

The Administrative Department for Social Prosperity (DPS) will make its contributions to the program under a 100% waived education credit number. The duration of the funding is up to twenty-four months, counted from the start of master’s studies in the second semester of 2023.. It is important to note that candidates selected under the call will not be able to defer their scholarship.

The call has been active since February 22 and will run until May 2. More than 5,104 people across the country have benefited from Fulbright Columbia programs.

How to apply?

According to the terms of reference, the steps to apply for the scholarship are:

  • Carefully read the terms of reference and attachments for the scholarship you will be applying for.
  • Fill out the Fulbright enrollment form.
  • Obtain all the documents and information required in the Requirements and Documents Required for the Terms of Reference for the scholarship for which you will be applying.
  • Fill out the Laspau form and apply on the LASPAU Platform. To make it easier to complete, see application instructions.

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